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08 February 2015

Fair Flowers . Painting Giveaway Winner Announced . Heartful Flowers for February . It is All About Love . Planning the Rendezvous . Laurie Pace

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 Size: 24 x 30  Oil on Canvas. Sold. Gift Giveaway


Fair Flowers was the giveaway painting for my February Newsletter. The winning name was chosen by choosing a number and finding the match to the number in my subscriber list. Congratulations to Kim Theriault from Texas. Kim has been a supporter of my art for over 17 years. Her son, Ryan, and daughter, Hannah, both took art from me as well as music learning to play the guitar. Hannah is in college now and Ryan heads there next year. I am really excited to do this giveaway every month. Some paintings are large ones, others are small ones.  Thanks to all of you and your supportive emails, I am painting on!

Red Flowers . Jan 2015 . Sold. ©Laurie Pace 2014
Heartful Flowers for February... 
I will be painting some flower paintings this month and trying some new ideas and approaches to the canvas. Some will be midsized and some small.  I have not decided what I will do with the practice paints, but assume it will depend on how they turn out!

February is all about God, love, flowers, family, friends and more. I love all the comments on the blogs for the free paintings. While diverse, each of you holds dear to you your family. 

Planning the Rendezvous. It is time for me to think about the Rendezvous. If I do not plan something it will not happen.  One thought is to fly to San Diego and go to the opening of The La Jolla Gallery.  We are blessed with airline passes as Terry is retired from American Airlines. The negative is once the merger happened last year, retirees load planes last.  So making a flight would depend on the load in the airplane.  Another idea would be a romantic dinner at a restaurant we have never been to. OR maybe Lady L and I need to plan a special Romantic Dinner for her parents and Bampa and I . Of course little sister, Lady M, could come too. Or we have a good friend with a second home in Ecuador... just food for thought. Any ideas?

The ordinary easily becomes the extraordinary: the sun's rays catching the dew on the naked empty branches of the trees, sparkling like diamond, or the brilliance of the sun bounding through the house filling it with light and warmth each morning.  Do you allow your spiritual nature to shine out to others? You have gifts to share with others. You are filled with divine love. This is February, the month to transform everything into the gift of love for others.The process is a thing of splendor. 

Blessings, Laurie

"Deck yourself with majesty and dignity; clothe yourself with glory and splendor." Job 40:10

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Laurie Pace
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