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05 June 2014

Funny Flowers, Contemporary Flower Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

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Funny Flowers
 Size:12 x 12  Oil on Canvas.
Contemporary Flower Painting

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So I had this urge to paint with a brush but kept it to a small canvas as I knew it would not survive the journey.  Part of getting it out of my system I guess. BUT it was fun.  About two hours after finishing it... yep, it became a horse and you will see it tomorrow.  Just remember quiet flowers BLOOMING into action when you see it.

If I am not open to trying the brush on occasion I find myself in a rut. I need to stay open to new ideas and new things around me. Abundance surrounds me.

Abundance is something that is there for all of us. It may not be in what we think we need or want... but we have abundance in our lives.  In my head is a constant abundance of ideas, discussions, debates, celebrations and songs. Yet I know we all experience the feeling that we are lacking something in our lives and we often try different things looking for that satisfied feeling. Sometimes worry of money and financial strains pulls us down. We find ourselves clinging tight to our possessions.  But why? Is it a fear of being without? 

If you answered yes, it is time to get your priorities in order. Make a list if you need to of what is really a need in your life.  The other things are just complicating your life.  Your true good comes from God. Affirm this and know that God will provide the prosperity you need.  

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Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist 


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