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31 May 2012

Summer Horse 9, 100 horse paintings in 100 Days from Texas Artist Laurie Pace

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By Texas Artist Laurie Pace 
8 x 8 inches Oil on Canvas 

100 Horses for 100 Days of Summer for $100 each.
Horse Paintings from my studio daily through out this summer. I am trying to focus on the joy of painting instead of the heat of summer, so now is the perfect time to collect a Pace Signature Pony.

SIGN UP FOR MY AUGUST 11th Workshop in Dallas.
ONE DAY ONLY at The Dutch Art Gallery.  You need very few supplies. Space is limited to 10 students.  I want to have more one on one time working with each student.

August 11, 2012
Saturday Palette Knife Workshop

This palette knife workshop is open to all beginning painters as well as experienced painters. Laurie will introduce a unique approach to color, values and composition using the paint to define and establish the balance of the painting. She will begin with a demo on larger canvas for visibility.  Small canvas will be provided but students are welcome to bring larger canvas in to work on for their final afternoon painting.

By the end of the workshop each student should have completed several palette knife paintings with a new approach to painting.  Students are encouraged to bring some favorite images of still life, flowers, fruit, landscapes, animals... as the student will choose their own subjects for the final painting. Laurie will have a supply of student grade acrylic paints and palette knives that can be used along with smaller canvas. Laurie will also provide paper plates for mixing colors.  

A degree in Art, eight years with an advertising agency, and thirty years teaching art has come full circle to top honors yearly at international art shows in oil, watercolor and photography. Viewing a Laurie Justus Pace painting is a rich experience that drips with color and emotion.  Her passionate works are alive with movement, boldly created with a wide brush and a palette knife.

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"Be careful, keep calm and don't be afraid. Do not lose heart..." from Isaiah 7:4

If you read around the verse, you find this is God instructing Isaiah to tell Ahaz just these words. Notice it is first, be careful.  Not be strong, be brave or be resilient, but to be careful.  Take care to be calm and not be afraid. Being careful takes a self check of mindfully doing this... taking careful steps.

Isaiah 7:9 finishes it up with "If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all."  That took my breath away. Deeply touching me, these words strengthened me to know to live I must have a strong relationship with God. Anything can happen around me, and if I am one with Him, I will stand strong in my faith to endure and walk through what I must in this lifetime. 

I love it when Lady L is in the room and voices around her begin to change in pitch and she immediately is coming to you saying, "Be Calm".  Our of the mouth of the child comes the word of the Lord... Be calm in Him.

Words of my heart, Laurie
A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

In God, whose word I praise— in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?  Psalm 56:4


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