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28 March 2012

Cat and Dog Painting Portrait Progression by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Progression Cat and Dog Painting
66 x 86 inches Acrylic/Oil Painting

Had to pull out my ladder on this one... also been through six large tubes of Indian Yellow heavy body Liquetex.


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When you are at the base of a mountain and know you need to climb the mountain, it almost seems insurmontable, but looking up you cannot really judge how high the mountain is.  From where you stand in the valley below you see what is immediately around you, the rippling brooks in the stream at the foot of the mountain and that first knoll before where you will begin your climb.  

The higher you go, the more you see, across the valley and over the nearby hills. When you reach the top of the mountain you can see for miles around you. There is a town in the distance,  a thick forest the other direction and a large lake to the far side of you.   If you had not climbed the mountain you would have never known what was beyond your valley. The world has opened before you.

Follow Jesus and living your life in God's light is the same.  When you first discover the joy and light of God, you have no idea what power and might is there for you. The more you 'climb' into your new life, the more you can see and experience. Every challenge, every hill, every problem you face in life has you climbing closer to God. From one day to the next. From one year to the next.  You are climbing deeper into God, deeper into the light filled with joy. It matters not what the climb is before you because He is with you.

If you are not ready for the climb... it is time to take my hand and begin the journey.

Words of my Heart, Laurie

"Get thee up into the high mountain." Isaiah 40:9


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Delilah said...

Wow you are really geting this one done!

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