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12 February 2012

Arabian Gold Horse Painting, by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Arabian Gold
24 x 48 inches  Oil on Canvas

It is now in the waiting and watching period where I walk by this horse painting every day.. gazing, squinting and letting it rest. I will sit and listen again to Moby and maybe to Heat... I want to feel the pulsation of the beat of the music with the racing of the horses and define the connection in the painting. 

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Reading is a passion with me. Author Laura Frantz  knows I take it all pretty serious and am really picky about what I read and the style of writing.  She and Liz Curtis Higgs are two of my favorites as well as Lauraine Snelling.
A good book takes you from a beginning through the crises and learning period and finally to a resolution. 

From Laura's Blog Jan 27, 2012
Predicting an ending is not possible when you are reading a well written book, or if you are living your life.  BUT no matter what is happening, there will be a resolution. Both Laura and Liz write deeply knitting into their storyline the basic fabric of soul of their characters...their weaknesses, their inner hidden darkness at times. But they bring you through their stories with a yearning to keep reading and not put the book down.

Life is that way.  We are eager to press on, sometimes too fast.  Affirming divine order is the only way to maintain peace through the journey as you keep your mind centered on God.  He is the source of peace, abundance and healing.  Trusting in His Divine order is truly all you can do as life unfolds around you. Keep your eyes on Him.  Each day is a step closer to Him and to your highest good.  

I celebrate this day the life of someone very dear to me. He has found his resolution and 'continued' on to the Lord's House.

Words of my heart, Laurie

"Righteousness will go before him, and will make a path for his steps." 


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Susan Roux said...

Amazing painting! I love the rhythm in it...

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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