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07 December 2011

Progress on Texas Land of the Longhorn Painting by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Progress on Texas, Land of the Longhorns
35 x 53 inches Oil on Canvas
 Commissioned painting

This is one of the background longhorns. The color palette on this longhorn painting is built around the UT colors and the feeling of BEVO. Can you tell?   

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Looking Out the Window

Each of us has inside something we are looking for or something we think we are missing in life. It is that 'object' or 'event' that if it just was resolved or if it just happened we could be happy.  We wait and wait on that to come to us...watching out the window for it to 'arrive'.

This second week in advent would be the perfect time to turn away from that window of desire.  Talk to Him about it. Let Him know what is in your heart and mind and then let it go.

As you pass through this day begin new ways of responding to challenging relationships and ruts you are in.  Take a look at those habitual sins and see what needs to be dropped for the day.

God has the power to save each of us. We can be free.

Dispel our darkness with the light of your presence, and make us worthy of your gifts.

We are celebrating three days of constant rain in east Texas where we have been under drought for two years. I cannot tell you the number of days we gazed out this window and prayed for rain and only the sun was there beating down, the heat slowly killing our lands and forested areas.  Relief came, but it came in His time, not ours. 

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