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20 November 2011

Snake River Abstract Horse Painting by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Snake River
Abstract Horse Painting

 This piece was painted in January of 2008. It was SOLD then and the owner that has it needs to sell it for family needs right now. She just contacted me. It is an older piece but it has the beginnings of my edge into the more abstract.  It followed a trip to Jackson Hole and seeing the Snake River and all the buffalo and wild horses.  
If you are interested in this painting, email Brenda here to purchase it.
24 x 36 inches Oil on Canvas    
 ©Laurie Pace    Graphics One Design 1998-2011  
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The Guiding Light

Have you ever watched the clouds racing across the sky at different times of the day?  Morning clouds seem to scurry lightly as the sun breaks through. Afternoon clouds are heavier usually with some moisture or oncoming rain. Evening clouds are thick and adorned with highlights from the setting sun. Night clouds seem to race across the moon.  All the sitings of clouds are based on the light of day or night.

There is no darkness in the presence of God. In your soul the light of God burns brightly and is eternal. If God is truly in your life there is not darkness. You might sometimes feel there is when walking through a valley of illness or death...but His light is there guiding you through the trials and leading you forward to His grace.

If you continue to keep your eyes on Him and allow Him to participate in your life, divine light will be your constant guide.  Live confidently in His light.

As I watch my earthly father walk the path of Alzheimers, there have been more times than I can count that my heart clenches realizing this is the reality and it is not going to get better.  You cannot run from this disease when it strikes your family. You cannot find cures or doctors anywhere that can make it better.  God is the only source of light and hope as you watch your loved one begin releasing the essence of who they were here on earth into His care, soon to walk in His presence in everlasting light.

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