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31 August 2011

Yellow Flower Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace Rounding Corners in Life

Little Yellow Flowers
Backyard Blooms Gallery Series 2011

Yellow Daisies Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace
5 x 7 inches Oil on Gesso Board

   ©Laurie Pace    Graphics One Design 1998-2011 
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I have to laugh as I began to think about this subject for the blog this morning. It is one of my last images of Lady L on her bike with Bampa behind her helping her round her first corner. She had been riding very well in a straight line but we were introducing turns and rounding corners, something she had to practice to negotiate without tipping over.

Square corners in life are all about efficiency and control. Ninety degrees is ninety degrees and a square corner is a square corner...but what does that mean about rounding corners? 

When you look back at this past week or past month of your life there are probably things you might have done differently. As much as we would like to we cannot rewrite the past and undo those things that are irrevocable.

The first step is to move on and I suggest...rounding the corner into this day and leaving yesterday behind you as you make that turn to face the new in front of you. If you are in conflict over things and unable to resolve them, you need to turn off that path...round the corner and put it behind you.

Next step is learning to let it go. Egads that is the hardest for me. No one else can make the decision to let something go except you. It does not require that you must forget it and it does not mean that you no longer affected by its impact on your life, but it does mean you are in control and will not let it have the power over you to take time away from today mentally or physically. Learn to tuck things away in your mind where you can reflect on it if necessary but you no longer dwell on it.  Do not let it devour you...walk away, turn the corner and leave it behind.

Now you have the new in front of you...what was around the corner ten minutes ago. Make the effort not to repeat any of the negative behaviors or self-defeating behaviors from that past experience. Learn from it and gather from it important tools to use 'around the corner'.  Just like Lady L learned after falling a few times, she had to pedal and turn her handle bars to get around the couch as she rode her bike around the gathering room.  She was bruised and a bit leery after falling, but as soon as she spotted the clear path ahead after she turned, those thoughts were behind her and she was facing a smooth ride crossing the area before her. 

So whether your corners are square or rounded is not important, but what is important is that you are taking the turn into a new venture in life today.


Psalm 56:13
"For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life"

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