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29 August 2011

Study of Trees Landscape Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Study of Trees 
Thank you Ugallery!
5 x 7 Oil on Canvas Tree Painting in Brilliant colors.
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Times they are a Changing....

 Well this weekend marked several important moments. One was Jon's 14th birthday and the other was Lady L learning to make those pedals go around on her bicycle. Wahoo the princess is loose in the house on her wheels now and you better watch out. The more she goes in circles around the living room and kitchen the more daring she is.

We bought this bike for her a few months ago and although she could reach the pedals, she could not get enough pressure on them to get the idea of pushing and pedaling...until Saturday.

 Mom and Dad are really good about no riding with out the helmet.  She wears it constantly like a mini biker. On our way to Jonathan's birthday we passed a group of riders all with their helmets on. She had a huge grin on her face when I pointed out their helmets...she spoke out loud in awe..."Oma, look they have helmets like I have." It gave us the opportunity to reinforce the safety issues involved.

Life is amazing as we are all confronted with new things to do and face in our lives. Many times 'our feet do not touch' the pedals... and we try so hard to make it happen and the wheels just do not move despite our effort.  What happens then? We have to wait upon the Lord... and presently He will bring it to be... what His plan is.  We have watched Lady L try for three months now to pedal this bicycle and she is so proud of her new mobility.

On Sunday we visited Mom and I was thrilled to see her looking cheerful and  energetic.  God is good as the Great Healer has touched her with His mercy and recovery has begun.
 In my studio I have violets blooming. It is with a smile I tenderly care for this beauties as they are pretty finicky. Water and food and sunlight in measured amounts and they thrive and bloom through out the year. Right now all three plants are in full bloom and the colors are spectacular. This is one of my precious blessings that remind me of His Power and Touch in my life.  Despite the drought outside and the temperature of 113 degrees last night... inside my home colors are vivid on my violets as well as on my canvas.


Isaiah 35:1 " The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose."

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