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04 August 2011

Six Pack Abstract Wildlife Wolves Oil painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

SIX PACK completed ...
and on its way to the Rare Gallery in Jackson Hole.
contact Hollee if you are interested in purchasing this gorgeous wildlife
wolf painting.
24 x 36 inches  Oil on Canvas    
 ©Laurie Pace    Graphics One Design 1998-2011 
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Well is was 116 degrees outside yesterday. How do you get energized to do anything?

I started out early scrubbing our bathroom, cleaning out drawers and cabinets and washing rugs. I proceeded on to our bedroom to dust and sweep but I was wearing out fast.  Terry jumped in the fray and we cleaned all the leather furniture in the den and he did the floors while I dusted and did the glass. Today I will face the kitchen!

I am not sure we were ever 'energized' but we had to do it. Including changing bedsheets and washing the mattress pad and both the winter and summer quilts. Normally I send them north to NY where I bought them and they launder them and do repairs on them.

But Energized??  We headed out after lunch to the post office around 3:30 yesterday.  The car temp outside read 110 as we left our lake home but by the time we arrived in town it was 116 degrees. Never in my life have I ever seen or been in 116 degrees.   Lord, what are you telling us?

We stopped at the grocery store while we were in town to buy a few things needed for meals today.  Terry spotted vanilla wafers and raised his eyebrows inquiring, "Can we make banana pudding?"  There truly is no 'we' in that but God and me unless you count Terry carrying the vanilla wafers in the bag into the house.  I have a wonderful homemade recipe and thankfully had some lactose free milk so I could enjoy a few bites of it.  Yes God provided the energy for me to prepare this last night at 6 pm.

Pure energy is the power of God. If I am in the right place spiritually, He will always provide exactly what I need to complete the work I face.  My strength is His strength.  Remembering to use this not just for personal but to use my force for good by sharing my talents with others.

Secondly remembering to rest and not become weak. The knowledge He has provided gives us guidance as to working and resting with a balance in our lives. We learn not to worry about things we cannot control. We learn to let go and let God. Using the wisdom from my life's experiences, I use discernment in choosing the work I need to do.

Every journey begins with small steps. I will make mine daily with God going before me as my guide.

"The God who has girded me with strength has opened wide my path." 2 Samuel 22:33


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