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01 July 2011

Sketches of Horse Painting by Texas Contemporary Artist Laurie Pace

just found out I have to reverse the horse... so I will be wiping this out and resketching in the opposite direction.  Easy to do as I am working off a photograph and I will take it into Photoshop and reverse it, print it and resketch the image.... watch for the new one.
Zappa and her Mom

WISDOM from Friends

I had several really 'welcome' emails from friends this week.  One was concerned about the 'depression' I mentioned from exhaustion.  Katarina's email touched my heart and as I read further her words created joy with laughter.

"The Sisterhood of Burned Out Women."  

I wrote back and suggested she coin the I am sure there are many of us out there.  That become more evident when I received a second email from another artist with her wisdom.

"Learn to say "no" and focus on a "smaller circle" around you.  Someone told me that the other day and I thought that is a good way of putting it.  We extend ourselves to a  too large "circle" and we get unfocused and tired."
Margaret Bednar shared those words with me. She is one of the most AWESOME women I know today.

My Photo
"I am 40 something, have six amazing children, one "perfect" husband, three dogs, two cats. I am a stay-at-home mom that doesn't like cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. I adore my family and treasure my dear friends. Art in any form has always fascinated me and I am thrilled to finally have a bit of time to pursue this interest. We have ventured into the world of the horse and currently lease a pony."

It is the strength of us together that will provide the support and love to make it through the rough times.We truly are a family... an extended family. While this is not a life-threatening time for me, only a way over-extended time in life, I find my prayers reaching out to a few art friends and neighbors with breast cancer.  My problems are nothing in comparison. I also pray for a young four year old boy just off chemo treatment for a rare cancer of the kidney.  More prayers reach out for the soldiers serving out country at home and abroad as many are under fire daily, protecting citizens of a foreign land while they stand for liberty and freedom. Our prayer list here at home is all-encompassing both those we love and know and those that we have never met.  Our God is an awesome God. For me at this time came Margaret and Katrina with their arms wrapping around me and holding me close in heart.


Those were not the only blessings for the day... I received my HOLY EXPERIENCE email from Ann's blog that wrote "One Thousand Gifts" book to the right on my blog.

Jesus said, ‘He who loses his life will gain it.’”

The other end of the line is quiet. Tentatively, I step out a bit further. “Maybe making small sacrifices in personal pursuits – doing less of our own thing in our own spheres …. maybe taking the time to enter into the bubble of the other, in the end we will know a happiness we couldn’t have imagined....
Then he’s talking about the price you can get for a bushel of corn, the weather forecast for the next few weeks.

I’m thinking about the times I’ve been in my own bubble with my own agendas of accomplishments, drifting away from people and the true happiness disguised.

I’m remembering with a strange sadness a woman standing amidst the floral memorials of her mother’s funeral, reflecting on her mother’s far-and-wide reputation for the important stuff of bleach and immaculate housekeeping.

I’m thinking about the time I’ve chosen to wash windows, tend a flowerbed, answer an email, instead of playing a game of bananagrams with a trio of loud boys, read an Eloise Wilken story to pleading eyes.

My pride was tangled up in the tasks

Our journeys and experiences do indeed cross as we are on this planet together, watched over and loved by the Father who created us in His image.  Thank you Katarina, Margaret and Ann... for your 'pearls of wisdom.'  Time to turn inward to Him and to my family. God will surely take care of the rest of my life.

From one of my piano students... she is on the right... I love to hear them sing together.


“The LORD will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one LORD, and his name the only name.” Zechariah 14:9 NIV

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