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05 July 2011

Progression on Zappa, Horse and Woman painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Progression on the lady and her love!

Carrying on with this painting..more layering but much to go. These paintings are truly a labor of love.  The plan was to capture the spirit of love between the woman and her horse. Hopefully I am on my way there. Sometimes I hold my breath while I am painting...just waiting and watching.


Winding Stairs

I have to go backwards to those Winding Stairs and twisty roads.  Just look at this picture again:

Now think about your life.  When I was double checking my blog yesterday before posting it, I realized there was a whole different direction to go with the 'journey' of my blog.  Watching for a second in my mind, the highway on this image... making its way uphill curving and twisting as it goes, it is just like our lives.

I am sure the Father's plan for us is a bit less twisty and every time we take off bent to control and go our ways, we are putting in those huge 180 degree curves.  When you stray in your life away from the main route 180 degrees, you still have to wind back another 180 degrees in a wider arch to get back to the same place to continue your journey 'upward'.

My desire is to continue to climb in this life closer to Him. To learn more about Him, to study more, absorb more and live my life to honor Him and serve others.  It is difficult to do that if I take off on one of those side roads, and I have done that often in my life.  Touching others along the way and meeting people I would have never known have meant so much to me.

Reflecting again I have changed my thoughts, perhaps some of those twists and turns are part of His plan for me.  Maybe the straight road up is not the best way. God is my lead. He will guard and direct me on this path.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.” Psalm 33:12 NIV

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