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30 July 2011

Progression on Racing the Sunset

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9 x 12 Heavy Palette knife Oil on Board 

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Complete Whole Health Optimizer

I started drinking a wonderful vegan protein drink from Numedica that has really changed my body and energy level in less than a few days. I have been drinking it for a week now.   It is not the high in fiber drink but the high in protein drink.  24 grams in one shake. Unfortunately I cannot drink a whole I am only in taking 12-14 grams.  I mix up about one scoop with a banana and some fresh blueberries.  I put in my tablespoon of my Carlson Lemon Fish Oil (NO taste or aftertaste or burping) and my two drops of Carlson Vit D and I am set. I was struggling with the yogurt every morning with my lactose intolerance and I am not a heavy breakfast eater at all. I use to be, but not now.

This really has made a huge difference in my eating patterns through out the day. I am not hungry and my body seems to be more balanced with so many cravings.  This is only in the midst of week two... so more time is needed.  Some one emailed and ask about the taste... it is truly GOOD. Using my little KitchenAid hand whipper in place of a blender makes it even better. ( I bought one for mom this week too.. love it!)

My point is what a simple change of food in take made again as I am on my hardest level of the last ten pounds I am wanting to lose. The 20 pounds taken off in the past year are off and have stayed off and I do not intend to go backwards again.  I have learned an incredible amount from and from my mother and our dietician at Northlake Health Foods.

Spiritual health is more important. One prayer accepting Jesus into your life makes a 180 degree change for you and for those around you. Light pours through and the power of God is instilled in your heart with the Holy Spirit. Learn to pray and develop a relationship with the Father.  The changes in your mind and spirit go way further than this vegan protein drink.

Time to get a grip spiritually and physically. Make some simple changes today. This is the day that the Lord hath made...rejoice, give thanks and be glad in it.


“I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life.” Psalm 119:93 NIV

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Karin D'Aunoy (Peaceful Sun) said...

That is wonderful that you lost 20 lbs and you have more energy from this new drink.How did you loose the weight? I'm currently trying to loose my weight I gained since back problems and surgery.....would love the tips.
I'm so grateful to read your post tonight as I'm examining my spiritual life and drawing closer to GOD.

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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