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18 July 2011

Abstract Horse Painting, McKenzie Painted Ponies, Signature Painted Pony Pulls by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

McKenzie Painted Ponies
Commissioned Painting
This collector sent pictures of her rugs, drapes, fabrics, walls, furniture and her current artwork.  This helps so much when doing a commissioned painting.
3 ft by 4 ft  Oil on Canvas  
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JOY is Mine.

As I reflect more on the wisdom of not worrying... substituting joy instantly into my thought process when it begins to waver into forbidden worry area... I find that JOY is mine...and it is but a blink and a positive thought away. How easy could that be?

There are times in our lives that our spirits ebb and drop into a low area. I believe it must be normal because if we did not have our lows we would not have our highs.  Days of deep sadness are balanced by days of laughter and love with family or friends.  Some days we find depressing thoughts creeping into our mind and other days we are bouncing out of bed at first light to conquer the world with our ideas and passions.

The Holy Spirit allows us to connect to a positive flow of peace, love and happiness. If you change your thoughts you can and will change your emotions. I did it on Sunday. Sunday was a low day for me and I forced myself to look up to the clouds as we traveled home from Dallas. I saw Abe Lincoln snoring away, and a horse bolting across the sky. Sure it only distracted me for a few moments, but I continued to force myself to find the next piece of beauty in God's creation. Suddenly we had 20 raindrops on the windshield. It was 105 outside and what magical cloud blessed us I am not sure, but I felt like we were "sprinkled" with His Promise that He will see us through this drought.

All of your actions and words are driven by the spirit within you. Choose JOY today. Joy is yours too.


"The kingdom of God is not food and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit." Romans 14:17


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