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24 June 2011

Un-named Painting New Me Abstract Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace,

Un-named Scraped Painting

This is the final shot of this before I scraped it. With out white paint I could not finish it.  I am so thankful to Jim at Asel Art in Richardson that sent me paint that arrived 36 hours later and I am able to paint again... and revisit this same profile starting from scratch. When I work on this painted pulls, my signature Painted Ponies, I work wet. It is difficult to go back and move the paint around or add paint once it is dry or beginning to dry. Someone emailed me and ask if I had a picture of the painting before I scraped here it is.
marked SOLD for DP but really non existent.
28 x 42 inch Oil on Canvas      
 © Laurie Pace  Graphics One Design 1998-2011
Watch as I repaint this painting over the next few days.


This was a good lead in thought as this painting will begin again, just as I had encouraged you to do this week.  Sometimes starting over seems exhausting as we over think how to reinvent ourselves.  That alone is overwhelming and why do you need to reinvent yourself?  I know I almost dread approaching this canvas!

It is a matter of discarding the negative images that seem to control you. If you begin to focus on the positive and refuse to allow the negativity in, you reinforce the foundation of self and begin to remold the person you a reshaping in a sense.  Sometimes we limit our ability to move forward by fear of failure. Sometimes we limit our ability to love ourselves and others by fear of not being good enough.

My dear friend, our Heavenly Father created you and you are precious. You have taken on things in your life that camouflage who you truly are. Hiding behind insecurities and presumed inabilities.  Is it possible to just stop and accept this and begin to let go of some of those?  Write down a new vision. Write down some small new goals that are out of your comfort zone.  Don't wait...the time is now to begin this new adventure.

In support of many artists on Contemporary Fine Art International, I have joined Operation 47 with Kimberly Conrad and many many other artists as we take that stance to change our lives for the better and to start now.  I pulled back out the Wii and bought batteries so I can do the 45 min program I was doing before we moved to the lake last year. Terry and I walk at least three or four days a week, so by doing this and making sure I do it, I have committed to 100 min of exercise a week. That is not much, but it is a start. I have other personal issues I struggle with and God knows what they are. I grow stronger as I realize so much of what I worry with is UNIMPORTANT.

Join me and lets revise or reframe our goals and values and our intentions in life. God will guide us in our spiritual journey and support us in our physical transformations.   Lets Celebrate the NEW ME in each of us.  God is smiling.


"Now begin the work, adn the Lord be with you." 1 Chronicles 22:16


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