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17 June 2011

In Celebration of Father's Day 2011 Texas Horse Artist Laurie Pace

In Celebrating Thoughts of Fathers Day

I looked back over the year at paintings I had completed and sold and this one 
stood out for some reason. Could have been the brilliant red background
that caught my eye. This color is my Dad's favorite color.
I am not even sure what the title of this painting is and it is way too early to go
searching around in old external hard drives.

This piece is SOLD. 
Contemporary Modern Expressionistic Horse Painting
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YES  You Can

Growing up with Gerald as your father made you know in your heart that all things were possible. I am not sure if that was necessarily just his faith in God as much as it was the strength to persevere under pressure. Persevere is defined: "Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success."  Dad have every intention of finding success. He could take a tiny spark of hope and turn it into a bounty of warmth for everyone.

This is my Mom and Dad in 1975 holding my first born child, Justin. He as the first born grandchild on both sides. My dad was pleased as punch and Mom was not too far behind him.

Ben Pace, Terry's Dad was dancing a close tune with his life and raising his family. Ben worked hard as he came out of serving both in the US Navy as well as the US Air Force.  His engineering mind put him a good position at Mitchell's and it was there the first icee machine was invented.  While Ben loved his work with inventions, he also loved his family and was devoted to them.  He too believed that all things were possible and his faith was immeasurable it was so great.

This is Ben with Lady L, his first born grand-daughter. He and Bobbie Jean 
had wanted one precious baby girl and had three boisterous boys.  Ben 
nicknamed Lady L  "GAYLE" because that was the name he and Bobbie 
had picked out for their first little girl.

We must believe that we can do all things through God's spirit within us.  With the simple faith based belief in the Lord, we can live our life with a new meaning.  Being willing to do what the Spirit directs us to do allows His plans to unfold. God's wisdom surrounds us and His life invigorates us. Nothing is lacking in us because we are created by Him to be like Him.

My husband learned from his Dad as Ben led by example. A man must not only
love his family but respect each member individually and be gracious and grateful for their gifts.  Encouraging and believing in someone can make all the difference in the world.
Live every moment fully in His peace and know that you can succeed in anything that you do.

And God says,"YES YOU MAY."


"Jesus said to him, "If you are able! All things can be done for the one who believe."  Mark 9:23


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