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13 June 2011

Equine Art, Horse Paintings, TOGETHER, Watercolor by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

6 x 6 inches Watercolor on board
Framed in a beautiful custom Black frame and available for $145 which includes 
shipping in the USA.

Contact Laurie to purchase: Laurie

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This is a feature editorial on my upcoming show in Denver at Mirada Fine Art.
This is in the new JULY issue of Western Art Collector.
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 Taking Time to Breath

Now that we are home I am controlling things again. Immediately a new schedule is in place. I hope you are laughing.   Nope is not going to happen. BUT stopping to breath will happen. Stopping to reflect and renew will happen.

Breathing and relaxing bring peace to both the mind and the body.  When you intake air, believe you are bringing in the energy of God and when you release your breath you are expelling all the pent up anxiety and problems.  With every in and out... release it all and give it to God.

Be rejuvenated by the new air filling your lungs and body with power. Be nourished by Him who brings to you strength and resilience to carry on each day.

Speaking of resilience and nourishment...we were literally racing home on Saturday with an 11 hour drive from Santa Fe.  We were trying out a new route from Henrietta TX across HWY 82 that our neighbors Joe an Tony suggested we try. They travel from Mt Vernon to Wichita Falls quite a bit.   We hit the town of Nocona where Texas Artist Larry G. Lemons lives, and decided to get gas at the local Phillips 66. It is also known as the Nocona Fast Stop I think. BUT as we pulled in to gas up I noted on the side of the building, HOME MADE BAKERY PIES COOKIES CAKES  ~ SANDWICHES BARBECUE etc.   So we gas up and got food for the last two hours of the journey. 

Carol is the chef/baker there and I must say TOP Chef/PASTRY Chef baker.  Terry had a barbecue sandwich and I had simply a salad with grilled chicken.  Dessert was fresh HOT Blueberry Streusel, Butter Pecan Cake with butter cream icing, and just out of the oven from the meringue browning, a fresh slice of warm Coconut Cream Pie.   We rationalized that we would split everything and calorie wise it would not be too bad.  I cried walking away with out fresh chocolate chip cookies and the soft chewing oatmeal cookies...but who would have known in this tiny north Texas town that you could find pie crust that melted in your mouth, and cake that was absolutely the moistest with fresh chopped pecans.  Our mouths were literally sticky with delight from the wonderful desserts. Terry was in bliss as I had feed him while he drove homeward listening to Celtic Woman Lullaby CD.

Carol you made our trip and left a memory we will cherish.  Next time in Nocona I hope I can find you again.  God's blessing to you and your family.  Your gift is one to treasure, sharing the best of cooking with those on their journey hungry for nourishment. You obviously give the best to everyone. Thank you!


 "Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being."  Genesis 2:7

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