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10 May 2011

Two Pear Palette Knife Abstract Fruit Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Two Pear
Palette Knife Exercise for Discovery Artist Workshop
5.5 x 5.5 Acrylic on W/C Paper me to purchase: Laurie

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One of the things I will cover in my upcoming workshop is SPACE.  Sometimes when drawing or sketching the use of negative space brings things into alignment on your paper.  Sketching space instead of the object itself.  The space gives order to the object.

In your life there is what is called Spiritual Vision. With this vision to are open in heart and soul to the divine order or space God has placed around you and in you.  You are part of His plan and His order in this world.  From tiny atoms and molecules come large mountains and wide seas. God supports all of the earth through the seasons, the ebbing tides and rotation of the planets. He provides shelter for us and food for our hunger.  He blesses us with beauty.

Divine order is present in nature as well as in you.  There are constantly opportunities for you to begin new things and rework older projects.  There is constant renewal and growth, new ideas and continual heavenly inspiration.  His divine order blesses all of our lives and provide everything we need.  (note need and not want.)

Time to not only open your eyes but your heart and soul to use your vision to see the Divine Order He has prepared for you.  His Spirit guides you through each day.

More Mothers Day images:

Leslie and Kirk that hosted us all for brunch.

 A gorgeous table set for 8 of us.

This was an Asparagus Frittata.


"In Him was life, and the life was the light of all people." John 1:4


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