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02 May 2011

Butterfly Mixed Media by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Flutter By
Unsure... 5 x 9  mixed media on Canvas     
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Baby It's Cold Outside and Times They are a Changing

Isn't this suppose to be May?  Thought so.  Only this morning it is 45 degrees outside.  Yes, that is unusual for North Texas this time of year. 


More drizzle yesterday but no bad storms. With it came cooler temps for the next two days.  That is a celebration.  Go figure but my mind is already counting down the next seven weeks until we get to the longest day of the year.  Why? Because I love the fall here in Texas and once we get there, I have but three months to make it till fall...and all the colors.  The seasons seem to flutter by quickly as I have gotten older.  The days really zoom by.  '

With being sick this last week, I lost five days and I wanted to share my thoughts and decisions that came with firm resolution after Easter Service with my parents.  

Over that last week before our trip into Dallas, I was pushing really hard to get a block of work done for Mirada and my show this summer. Yes, I still have four more pieces to do, but I will work on those over the next few weeks.... slowly. My resolve...rearrange my life at home.  I actually need to implement some time management skills and give myself and Terry a break from WORK.  The joy has been lacking. Heck, I miss folding laundry.  I miss scrubbing out my kitchen sink and wiping down cabinets.  I miss lingering with Terry at the table after breakfast and swinging together in the early evening on the deck watching the sunset over the lake.  I miss laughing and feeling carefree.  

Somehow on Easter Sunday I saw, as well as felt, what needed to be in my life. The full recognition again to get rid of things not needed and to enjoy the time we have with out 'things'.

Why do we collector so much in our lives? Things, people, situations, jobs, commitments, etc   Yes work and service is important, but it must be with joy.  I feel a Gerald List coming on. Priorities must be listed and the rest weeded out. 

What are your top priorities?  Are there things you need to walk away from in your life right now? Are there things you need to 'clean' up?


“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” - Hebrews 11:6

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