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07 April 2011

Winter White Wolf Abstract Contemporary Wolf Wildlife Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

White Winter Wolf
24 x 30 inches   Oil on Canvas   
Available through Mirada Fine Art

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The Outside Cover

Growing up I often heard the phrase, "Don't judge a book by it's outside cover."

This applies to situations in life, to people around us and to many other things besides books.  Often what appears to be is truly what is not.  I am guilty of often seeing a stranger dressed a certain way or acting a certain way and immediately making  a judgment thought in my head.  Definitely not the Christian thing to do and it is not mine to judge or even come close to focusing on.   I am pretty good about not voicing things out loud, but God hears my every thought and I am guilty as charged. 

That little inner voice always is quick to line me back up on the right thought road.  Concentrate on giving to others and doing for others. Take care of your own business first.   Remember when viewing life things are never as they appear so do not be quick to assume anything.

Cowboys & Indians Magazine once wrote an article on my artwork comparing it to the term pareidolia.  That is to be explained as seeing things in something. Like the man in the moon, or animals in cloud shapes.  Sometimes when you look at my paintings, you may see things that are not truly there, or you may see what I have found in the pulls on my own. Lately as I work, I have been trying to achieve an even deeper abstraction in every painting.  So you can't really 'judge' my paintings by your initial viewing... you have to spend time viewing it and being drawn within the content.  Often what appears to be is truly what is not. 

Apply it all to life.  Look deeper into the giving and serving and forget about the judging and assuming.  Allow life to happen and enjoy it moment by moment. Don't think so much, live more and give more.

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