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23 April 2011

Contemporary Horse Painting, Moon Over The River Abstract Horse Painting by Texas Equine Artist Laurie Pace

Moon Over the River

3 ft by 4 ft  Oil on Canvas

Not totally sure I am done with this Horse Painting. It is part of the series Over the River and no it is not Little Red Riding Hood!  Playing with colors and contrast and light, throw in reflections and thick buttery oil paints and you can come up with a nice Abstract Horse Painting.

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Oh Say Can You See?

Yes I can see. I can already see things I want to add and relocate on this painting, so I know it will be in the studio for finishing up next week.

We have arrived at Easter weekend and Lent as come to an end.  Thursday we marked the remembrance of Jesus with his walk to the hill top carrying a heavy cross, to which they nailed him in the worst punishment of crucifixion. Can you close your eyes and for just a split second image the depth of pain and suffering Jesus endured for us?

Terry was speaking yesterday of what happened to those that betrayed Jesus.   Judas Iscariot carried a money bag that belonged to the disciples.  The priests bribed him with thirty pieces of silver if he would identify Jesus, and he do so by kissing him. Jesus was then arrested.  Judas hung himself. He was so ashamed he had betrayed Jesus, he 'threw' the money back to the priests...he could not accept it.  He knew he had sinned and he could not live with it.

Then there was Peter who by accounts and stories told, denied knowing Jesus. He had followed him when the mob took him to the high priest but hid his identity. Upon researching I came upon something really interesting... If you want to read or see another slant on the Peter denial story... click here.  I just read this out loud to Terry to share it. 

God truly works in many ways bringing us to our knees. In my research I found something special to share tomorrow morning. 

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” - Romans 1:20



Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous picture. Love the way you captured the colors in the moonlight.

Also thanks for the meditation for today. :)

Robie Benve said...

I love the light and the atmosphere in this painting. And I'm also a fan of your meditations and quotes from the bible. :)

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