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24 April 2011

Abstract Horse Painting Delta Greek Series by Texas Contemporary Equine Artist Laurie Pace

A new horse in my Greek Series.  I guess I had Easter Morning on my mind with the colors I chose for this one.
In the true abstract sense of play, this unique Horse Painting powers in with color and patterns very much like Omega and Beta.
24 x 30 inch  Acrylic on Canvas
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The Promise

Yesterday when I was researching some things I came across a very interesting story/comparison on a website.  First, I think you know that God has a tendency in all the written records in the Bible to take a shining to sinners and bring them right around to Him. Over and over again the bible is filled with stories like this. God has the ability to bring us all to our knees.

Have you ever heard of a berkutchi?  I had not...not ever.  A berkutchi is an bird trainer.  In Asia there are men that train eagles for hunting.  First they must capture a young eagle to tame it and train it.  Eagles have a life span of 40 years of more, so if the bird trainer can catch a very young eagle, he will have the use of him as a hunter for a long time.  First the berkutchi must set a trap and bait a young eagle into it.  When he captures the eagle, he places a hood over the eagles head and puts it on a perch in a cage.  The berkutchi keeps the cage moving and swinging so the bird cannot rest or sleep. During this time the bird is not feed.  The berkutchi sings and talks to the bird... chanting to it for hours.  Slowly he is able to put his hands in the cage and softly stroke the bird.  Over the first days the young eagle become totally dependent on the berkutchi and must rely on him for food.  The berkutchi watches for the right time when he feels the relationship between him and bird is strong and the bird will be loyal. Then he knows they can begin training for the hunt.

This seems extreme, but it is truly no different than how God works in our lives. He too must break our independent spirit so we can be close to Him.   Our spirit gets in the way all to often.   God uses broken people, broken soil, broken grain etc... He takes the worse of everything and from it comes the positive.

If you are 'broken' right now, it is not because He has forgotten you... He is right there with you. It is through Him you will gain strength and live again. He is every faithful to His promises.


For every one of God’s promises are “Yes” in him; therefore also through him the “Amen” is spoken, to the glory we give to God." 2 Cor 1:20

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Anonymous said...

I come to your site delighted by the paintings, and comforted and encouraged by the devotions. Thank you. Happy Easter.

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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