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28 March 2011

Texas Spring Time in Progress Abstract Horse Painting, The Painted Ponies 2011 by Texas Equine Artist Laurie Pace

Progression on Texas Spring Time
 Commission Painting SOLD
3 ft by 4 ft  Oil on Canvas

This painting is one of my highly collected Painted Pony Pulls.
These gorgeous abstract horse paintings are thick with buttery Holbein Duo Oil Paints on Canvas.
The collector that requested it liked a prior painting entitled Spring Showers and 
wanted this to have the same flavor.  They also requested brilliant colors as well.
Painted so far to Guns and Roses, Shania Twain and the Dave Matthews Band...
today I shall do more and continue to layer. Right now there are about 20 layers of paint and about 10 more to go.
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What does this word mean? 

Wikipedia:" In Christian teaching, God became incarnate in Jesus Christ (trinitarian view) or sacrificed his first-born son (divine yet distinct from God for non-trinitarians) to accomplish the reconciliation of God and humanity, which had separated itself from God through sin (see the concept of original sin)."

In conversations and thoughts daily we think we make 'sacrifices'. Our teens often sacrifice their safety when trying to keep up with their peers.  Old conversations of the past were of fathers that sacrificed for their families, but in this generation as many moms sacrifice as dads...and as grandparents to make things better for their children and their family.

In Japan there are many workers sacrificing their own lives being exposed to radiation working at the nuclear sites knowing they will suffer greatly from cancer and early death; they continue to work desperately trying to control the situation to insure the safety of the Japanese population. This is sacrifice.

Sacrifice is to give up something that is very dear to you in order to provide or make way for something much greater, or for a greater good. With this being lent my prayers have been focusing on the anguish of Christ as he sacrificed his own life for all of us to have life. My prayers are focused on those in Japan now sacrificing their lives.  My prayers are constantly with our soldiers sacrificing to serve for others around the world, missing families and friends. 

I take pause reassessing the need to realign my direction to continue to serve others.

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