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19 February 2011

Spring Roses Heavy Palette Knife Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace, God's Palette of colors

Spring Roses
30 x 40 inches   Oil on Canvas   

Sold to a collector in Connecticut. Thank you.   
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 His Palette of Colors varies in each of our lives.

No two of us are created exactly the same.  I think we spend so much time finding fault in others that we miss the beauty in their palette. When God created each of us, He carefully chose how He 'knitted' together our pieces and what colors were in our individual palettes.

Terry found the Tink in her room this morning trying to choose her colors in her palette, but it was a dry attempt with no water.  Watercolors do not work dry.
I compromised  and gave up cleaning the house for the big party tomorrow and sat down at the table to paint with her. I always carry my watercolors with me.
She was delighted and for the next hour she plied her paper with lots of purple and pinks.  She is both a cool palette and a warm palette.

 She finished this masterpiece for her mom's birthday which is also this weekend. Double parties all the way... good cake and ice cream too! Wish you were here.

Tink truly turned more to the violets and deep pinks. She was not much on yellow or red or orange.  I think she will be a cool color palette child.

Look around in your home and your closet and see what colors are apart of the JOYFUL celebration.  What colors are in your palette?

If you can attend my workshop in May, we will be examining color and what it means in our lives. We are each uniquely different and learning to celebrate who we are is often hard to do.  Come and join me in May.  It will be a restful vacation of healing time, sharing and learning at Selah Ranch. Book early so you have your choice of room... and be ready for good food and good friends.


Proverbs 7:16
"I have covered my bed with colored linens from Egypt."

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