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10 February 2011

Progress on Racing the Sunset, Abstract Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace, Empty Tubes and Full Tummies

Progression on Racing the Sunset
3 ft by 4 ft  Oil on Canvas  
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  It has quite a ways to go yet... hard to tell the prepainted blue background from what is evolving on the canvas. So stay with me for hopefully another slide show tomorrow.

It was cold yesterday when I got up so I started the two small heaters I have in the studio to warm it up.  Terry had not slept well last night, so he was sleeping as I answered email... waiting for the warmth to fill the space where I paint.


There are times when the need to paint overcomes the cold, but with sleet falling outside early, I knew snow would follow, and it did.  As I finished up my computer work I felt like a kid wanting to hurry and finish my homework so I could go play.. . play in my paints.  No more thoughts of Mr Tax Collector that wants me to pay tax on my 'play' stuff... just thoughts of thick buttery paint and working this canvas in the palette Tom wants.

He asked me to avoid greens and no outlining in black or white... leave the painting dark... This may take some layer building.  When you tell me NO to colors it is like tying one hand behind my back. Making art is hard that way.

I placed my Ipod on my player and scrolled through the music and found some good tunes to work by. I had downloaded some olden goldies, Rolling Stones and Little River Band.  I slipped on my blue plastic gloves and grabbed my palette knife... "Let the play begin."

Hours later as evening began to set in on the studio... even the hum of the heaters could not fight off the cramps in my feet from the cold tile floor.  I have a thick rubber mat in front of my easel, but even that did not seem to halt the cold creeping through my thick soled shoes and up through my feet and ankles.  Mr Hubby appeared telling me dinner was ready and it was time to put my 'toys' and paints away for the day. Where had the time gone to?

I felt foot cramps coming on and quickly capped my paints. I wiped my palette knife and threw away my empty tubes. I had eight of them. I will have to order paint today.

As I limped into the kitchen, Mr Hubby took pity on me and gently grabbed my hand and led me into the couch. As we both sat down, he pulled off my Earth Shoes and begin massaging my cold cramped feet.  Such gentle tenderness made me remember why I fell in love with him years ago.

At age 11 we spent our summers swimming and walking to Flag Pole Hill with out worry of responsibilities.  Our anniversary is just a few months away...but my thoughts as he rubs my feet are watching his head as he bends to concentrate on pressure points in my feet... his brown hair now almost totally gray; we have too many responsibilities now.

Forgotten is the painting in the studio... thoughts are on the hot left over vegetable soup he heated up and the soft tacos he has made us. Time to take our fill of each other and enjoy our dinner.

God has given us much to give thanks for in our life together.  Today is a new day with new times to work and to play. I will be back in the studio... I already started my heaters blowing...working on a Texas painting that will ship to Norway. Tom, are you sending the snow this way for a reason? We have had 24 inches now since January 1st in an area that rarely gets snow.


"We ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love all of you have for one another is increasing.” - 2 Thessalonians 1:3


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