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04 February 2011

Painting Progression on Red Ribbon Lacing by Texas Artist Laurie Pace, Live in the Now

Progress on Red Ribbon Lacing
20 x 30  Mixed Media on Canvas
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Today I have to get tough.  Today I have to wheel my tool box of  paints to warmer areas in the house. I cannot wait any longer to paint out where I have the studio set up. It is way too cold. This morning when I got up to put the dog out I was surprised with 8-10 inches of snow and it is still falling.  He refused to go outside. Last time Terry kept the back porch clear of snow. We went to bed last night with the news we would only see a dusting.  There is 8 inches deep or deeper on my deck outside.  Just wait a few minutes in Texas... and the weather changes.  Pictures tomorrow.

This is true for life. Often we wait on times to change or things to change and we are wasting our precious time that holds infinite possibilities.  We must learn to live in the now and take every thing we can from each possible moment God give us here on earth.  Every day there are infinite possibilities laid before us. Yesterday is gone... past and whether we had joyful times or sorrowful times on the present moment can be used to live right now.

Keep your heart and eyes in the light of God. Choose positive thoughts and actions toward others. Believe in abundance and in harmony for not just your life but the world as well.   Let go of what was and live in what is.

I am going to go wheel my paints into the kitchen to thaw... what are you going to do today?

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