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23 January 2011

Snow Dance Wild Horse Oil Painting with Very Thick Paint and a Palette Knife by Texas Artist Laurie Pace, Ask and it Will be Given to You.

'Snow Dance'
18 x 24  Oil on Canvas

This is the painting for you if you like things carved out of thick thick paint.
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Really enjoyed playing in the paint on this one.  Have no idea if it will even appeal to a heart or not, but it was an enjoyable journey of paint.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon with wet feet (54 degrees outside) as we began power washing the deck the hot tub use to live on. This is going to take a bit of work.  Warmer weather would be better. I can see some use of having a power, eaves, cars etc.  Father's Day is ahead of us.

Stuck morning yesterday morning. I was up early working on the new site. It is not uploaded yet and is about 10 days from the upload.  Began to get burn out I guess. I was tired of cold weather, being sick and just in a complaining mood. VERY unusual for me that wears rose colored glasses.  The AOT site is totally volunteer by some really great women, Debbie Lincoln, Judy Mackey, Vernita Bridges Hoyt and Kay Wyne.  One month I put in 80-120 hours and other months maybe 40-80.  What gets me in a tither goes back to that same old phrase, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink it.  Here we are rebuilding the site with meta content and description and reconstructing the pages to be updated with new artwork...and you send out a mass email three times saying, "Send me these three things."  and you only hear from 1/3 of the artists.  Debbie lectures me almost daily.  "You have to let it go. You cannot do it for them. They have to participate in their own success to make this work."  

Yes, I was one of THOSE mothers. I am one of THOSE people that want it to work for everyone.  I will go the extra mile.  Somehow this morning the message got through my thick head.  If they do not do this journey and participate, they will not grow and learn from it.  So I have about 25 more artists that sent me their info. I will finish their pages this week and reload the site. Those that didn't bother to send the requested information will not be updated.  

So I tell you my friend, when it concerns your life, pray first and then act upon it.  God gives us the power and energy to do what needs to be done to complete our journey.  We have to tough it out sometimes and from the toughing days we grow even stronger.  Don't be afraid to walk ahead with Him and trust because He will light the way.

We missed our youngest son's birthday in Dallas last night. We were not quite to the EAT and TRAVEL point to make the trip. Brother Kirk shot this video for us. Happy Early Birthday Morgan... you are not 30 yet!

“[Ask, Seek, Knock] “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” - Matthew 7:7-8

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