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09 January 2011

Orange Sneakers, Tennis Shoe Painting from 2005 by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Orange Sneakers'© 2005
24 x 30  Oil on Canvas
SOLD back in 2005 and live in LA! 
Had to grab something from the archive...
Let it snow let it snow let it snow.

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  © Laurie Justus Pace     Graphics One Design 2011

Too cold to stick my nose out the window... it is still dark outside. I still have power but blogging quickly as the wind is strong. 

The kids came Friday and Saturday but everyone cleared out by five.... heading back to Dallas before the winter storm was breaking. They have sleet this morning.  We survived a mean game of Monopoly that Terry won, and wonderful Ribs in beef and pork that Justin made and grilled veggies... of which th sweet potatoes were my favorite.  I made a huge salad. We call my salads the OMA salads.  They are well known and loved. I have everything in them from raw corn to oranges, raisins, cantaloupe, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms etc. Then either a homemade dressing or a balsamic Raspberry vinaigrette.  Dessert was another apple crumble with my grandmother's crumb recipe on top of granny smith green apples.  January celebration of family and it was wonderful.

I do have pictures but have not emptied my camera.

I had an email from Jasmine Becket Griffith and she caught me up on her twitter and facebook stuff. I emailed her back telling her that her work is an icon in our art history now. Her work will be written about and talked about.  She paints with a passion and her life has been shaped and embraced by her art.  If you have not seen Jasmine's work... you should.  She is a one and only. 

What you see in her work, and I hope in my work, is a passion that we love what we paint.  We follow a passion and it fills us.  Are you doing what you love? If you say no, it is time to reevaluate your life and your direction in life. Things are out of balance and you are not in the right place doing the right thing.  I cannot tell you how to develop your divine purpose.  Something speaks to you from deep in your heart and soul and feeds you motivating you with energy to go forward and find your purpose and discover your true calling.   Do not let your inner thoughts and negativity keep you from your dream.  The perfect path awaits you, but do you have the inner courage to follow the path?


"Do you believe that I am able to do this?" They said to him, "Yes, Lord."  Matthew 9:28

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