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21 December 2010

Night Wolf Oil Painting Wildlife Art by Texas Contemporary Artist Laurie Pace

'Night Wolf'
5 x 7 inches  Oil on Canvas

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This is my new table top easel to keep by the fireplace.  I did these on Sunday evening.  Yesterday was a warmer day in the sixties and I was busy cleaning out the studio and made quite a dent. We also took books into the library to donate them.  

I will be experimenting on some smaller paintings as we will be traveling again in the spring and summer and I want to take acrylics and this easel with me to use as we go.  Open your minds right now and think of things to allow into your life.  Take a risk for the positive even if it seems unreachable or unfamiliar.  

It is time this year to take out some index cards, at least ten of them and on five of them write down one thing on each card that you NEED.  Then write on the other five cards one thing on each of things you WANT.  Study them and tuck them into your night stand. Reread them through the year...believe in what you wrote and what you are deserving of and God will provide it.   I did this back in 1999 and absolutely everything I wrote down ( I did 10 of each) came through by 2004. ALL OF THEM..the needs and wants were all met in HIS time.  It is time for Terry and I to do this again with our lives changing. WANTS and NEEDS....don't be afraid, just put it in writing and believe in Him.  

Happy are those who trust in the Lord.--Proverbs 16:20

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