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31 December 2010

Night Dance Horse Oil Paintings by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Night Dance'
8 x 10 Oil on Canvas
Decided to do this as a NEW YEARS give away.
Please email me if you would like it. It is wet and cannot ship for a week.

ALL READY SPOKEN FOR!  Will be shipping this one out next week. Watch for the next give away.

Contact me to purchase by check or paypal. Laurie
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It was a long day yesterday at the computer but I have finished outlining and preparing the written areas of my first workshop for 2011.  Now to decide where to have it.  There are beautiful places to stay here in Mt Vernon and I can teach it at our Franklin County Arts Alliance building, or I can have it with Dena Wenmohs at her ranch in Cypress Mill, TX , or begrudgingly I could have it in Dallas. Not too much for decompressing in that congested place!   Have also considered a special place here in Mt Vernon called Selah Ranch amd a second location called The Pearly Gates.  Talk about the perfect place for a retreat and a workshop, and that is Selah Ranch, but it is pricey. The Pearly Gates is more like church camp and has cabins (we would not use the Bunkhouse).  I would love Selah  first and then The Pearly Gates and hopefully by next year I will have a place here on the lake for workshops and can keep maybe 4-6 artists at the house for a full immersion workshop.  Need some input from those of you interested.  If you are coming from far away and flying in you would have to rent a car no matter where I have it.  If you are driving you can just about get to me in any of these places.  So send me feedback as I plan to have this in the schedule quickly.  Email me.

Okay I have the funny for today.  It is a BEN-ISM from Terry's big collection of stuff from his Dad.

  A minister was giving a sermon at church and he was doing an experiment using worms. He put a worm in a bottle of alcohol; a worm in a jar filled with cigarette smoke; a work in a pot of melted chocolate (luke warm of course) and a worm in some fresh soil.  He continued on his sermon and returned to the worm experiment about twenty minutes later and sure enough the worm in the wine bottle had died; the worm in the smoke jar had died; the worm in the chocolate had died but the worm in the fresh dirt had survived happily and was thriving.  He leaned over the pulpit and looked seriously out at the congregation and asked them if they knew what that meant.... Silence was thick as you could see everyone fidgeting.  A small voice from the back of the church pipped up, "It means if you use the first three things, wine, smoking and chocolate you won't have worms." 

Ben was always a joy to us and everyone he knew. This first Christmas without him has been difficult. If you have lost someone special this year,  you know where our hearts are.  We are ready to close out 2010 and both Terry and I are hand in hand for the journey in 2011.  May the new year be prosperous to you all.  (Still might be wise to cut back on wine, smoking and chocolate... maybe enough to keep the worms away, but not enough to control your life.)  Our household is smoke free and wine is only on occasion.  Chocolate on the other hand, that is a treat that we save for special occasions or for anxiety times.  We celebrate the life we are building in Franklin County and give thanks to God for the bounty surrounding our lives and for our family and friends.


““I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”” - John 16:33

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