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09 November 2010


'Finished Dinner painting'
4 ft by 12 ft  Oil on Canvas
 This is the finish of this painting. It is with a decorator in Highland Park Texas.
Julie Guidry is a home designer with a flair for art.

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Who are you? or should I ask, Who do you think you are?

There are many people we honor in our lives who are important to us. We look to them as our mentors and we respect what they say and do as they seem to set that high example in living life and honoring God.  If you look closer you will find they not only honor God but they honor themselves as a child of God. 

How can you begin to do that in your life? We all have that small inner voice that talks to us all day long.  We have that continuous conversation going in our thought part of your mind. For me that is the dangerous part.  I can convince myself of almost anything and talk myself into anything and definitely rationalize anything.  Am I honoring God and myself when I do this? No.

Be quiet and listen.  There is deeper inside, a small quieter voice.  This voice nudges you and keeps you on the straight and narrow.  It is the little voice that reminds you to exercise and to eat better each day. If you are like me, that louder voice in my head rapidly dreams of fried chicken and sweet tea at Chicken Express.  My quiet voice is saying "salad at home, you have all the ingredients."

We have to learn to stop the obnoxious noise of endless thoughts and prattle in our minds and begin listening to God.  He speaks through that quiet voice.  He has given us our gifts and talents and we have to use our human choice on how to use them in our lives. He gives us constant opportunities to do more and learn more. 

Spending time with God and in His Word allow reflection and study as we can apply what we read to our present day journey.  We want to reflect His Love, Grace, Wisdom, Knowledge, Joy etc. to those around us. We honor Him through our reflections and actions to others. You are indeed an honored child of God.

"As God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves, with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience." Colossians 3:12

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Julia Kulish said...

This is wonderful! I so enjoyed watching the process and found myself looking forward to seeing the next phse posted. Nice job.

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