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14 November 2010

Dusk Paint, Horse Paintings, Contemporary Fine Art, Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Dusk Paint'
8 x 10  Oil on Canvas

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It is actually nice outside...nice and cold.  Not sure if it made it to freezing or not, but the drive up to Bonham to see Dad yesterday was absolutely perfect. The trees were a bounty of colors from soft yellows to vibrant oranges to deep rich reds all surrounded by the lush dark green of the tall pine trees in this part of the state.  Such natural beauty created by God.  We had lunch at Cappy's downtown and I highly recommend it.

I have decided to teach some workshops next year. Over the next month or so, I will be compiling a syllabus of what I want to cover.  There are many great workshops and teachers out there now, but I have prayed about this and feel called to follow the direction I feel I am being called.  I have 29 years of teaching art woven into my past 9 years of selling my art, and 10 years with the ad agency.  I have been taught by the best and by the worst and from each I have learned and grown from the experiences.  My first workshop will be in Dallas at the Dutch Art Gallery.  It may be as early as the end of January. Pam has given me a choice on dates, but I realized I needed to get busy to be ready and I have to book it.  Maybe later in the spring might be better. Email me if you would attend a Dallas Workshop.

  I would like the second one to be at a location that the artist can feel it is more of a retreat of healing, rejuvenation etc.  If you have an ideas or requests... email me.  With Terry being retired from American Airlines, travel to different parts of the country are not hard to do.  If you can gather a group, do it and I will come.  I want to do one in Santa Fe and maybe one in Colorado, like in Fort Collins maybe? I will wait to hear from you. SO EMAIL ME!

Just coming out of Veterans Day and the elections, I have prayed often for our new leaders taking office.  There is much that goes into the running of our cities, states, nations and the world. Praying for the world community is important as well. God is present in all people and in all circumstances. We have to trust even during the worst conditions to believe there is method/reason to the wars that plaque us as we defend the right to freedom for other people across the world.   If you have the ability to lead, to teach or to volunteer to help others, it is time to put this in your life.  Be it leading a bible study, a play group for your little ones, a PTA gathering, the choir at church, a political calling, teaching, whatever the inspiration is, respond to it with a willing heart and be at peace that you are in the right place. Share your gifts.


"We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us:...the leader, in diligence; the compassionate, in cheerfulness." Romans 12:6, 8

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Margaret Bednar said...

hmm. Santa Fe is tempting. I could fly out with Chelsea, do a weekend. I'm not sure of the "rejuvenating" approach" unless you mean the "whole" approach that we talked about on the phone. Painting from the physical talents and connecting to our inner self. Chelsea nor I have painted long enough to be tired of it, to be "stuck". We might be floundering (LOL) a times, but not weary. :) My parents LOVE Santa Fe and have returned numerous times to enjoy that (so I hear) beautiful city. My Emma loves the above painting (she is a horse fanatic)

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