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30 October 2010

Flying High Ponies Abstract Horse Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie pace

'Flying High Ponies'
9 x 12  Oil on Canvas

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 JOY JOY JOY!  For some reason looking at this tiny fun painting brings joy to me, or does it?  Colors, movement and action all rolled into one. Then "joy" to someone that will get a free painting. Is that really true?

There is never a bad time for Joy.  There is never a moment you have to wait for Joy either.  Joy does not come from reaching a goal or buying something or from getting a free painting.  Joy does not come from a marriage, a new baby. Joy does not come from attaining things or buying things or even getting things free.

Joy does come from a state of mind.  Joy comes from the pure simple realization of what is and the gratitude you have for what is.  Change your focus today away from achieving and trying to GAIN things.  Refocus on feeling joy and be grateful for everything today.  Be joyful for those that you encounter today. Be joyful for all experiences.  Don't wait for anything... JOY IS YOURS TODAY... choose Joy in your life.


"My brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy." James 1:2

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