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12 September 2010

Sunset Herd Equine Oil Abstract Horse ART Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie pace

'Sunset Herd'
24 x 36  Oil on Canvas
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I have been up for a few hours...but we did sleep in till about 9 this morning.  We actually hiked a little last night.  Jamie called Gretchen Kelly to come join us.   We had lunch outside on Jamie huge second story veranda and then we took two cars and headed up the mountain behind her house.

On the winding road up we passed a huge rescue going on.  There are falls on this road and folks do not follow the suggestion of NOT climbing them. Then they climb them and fall. Only one person has survived the fall...the rest died.  We passed no less than 20 rescue vehicles and ambulances.  We drove maybe another miles and again six cars stopped on the road with a beautiful doe in the road, struck in the back area by a car. She was struggling on her front legs to pull up but both back legs were broken.  We had to call 911 as no one's phone was working on the hillside.  Jamie drove us safely to an area to park and we loaded up with cameras and walking sticks and took off downhill to the top of the falls.  DOWNHILL mind you.  We climbed downhill.  It was a bit dangerous as we slide here and there but the area we ended up in was beautiful.  Here are pictures of Kimberly and Don and one of all of us girls together and one of Terry and I.
          Kimberly and Don Conrad

Terry and Laurie Pace  

After we left the waterfalls we had to hike back UP the hill. It took my energy down to zero.  I was not in shape for it!  The next stop was at the top of the mountain where Catskill Lodge use to be.  I have a shot of looking over the Hudson Valley from this beautiful point.

 Top of Catskill Mountains looking across the Hudson Valley

Yesterday morning we had visited Frederick Church's home and Thomas Cole's home as well. The tours were so informative and Church's home is one you must see in this lifetime.  Breathtaking cannot even begin to describe it.

We are off to the horse arena in a few moments and then the Don Fogerty Concert follows.  It is suppose to rain and I already told TP NO NO NO... if it rains, we are not staying. After his four months with pnemonia earlier this year and we are 1558 miles from home (Which we had back tomorrow... three day drive and we pick up our hopefully repaired diseal Passat in Blacksburg).  He cannot get sick.

Saugerties Million Dollar Event this weekend. 

God be with you all.... I will stay up with the blog as we travel. My family realizes there is not always signal for the phones in the mountains.

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”- Philippians 4:4

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SusanD said...

Looks like you're having a fabulous time. Enjoy and.....Rejoice! Blessings, SusanD

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