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08 September 2010

Orange Poppies Contemporary Fine Art Flower Painting by Laurie Pace

'Orange Poppies'
30 x 30  Oil on Canvas

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We slept well last night but tired thoughts linger before we get on the road in a few moments. Thought I would have to go buy a hair brush.  LAST trip to NY I forgot my hairbrush.  Must be something psychological about this.  But in the middle of the night I did one of those Sesame Street things were I though back over all my motions before we left and found it this morning.  

We spent the night in Cookeville TN at a brand new Marriott Fairfield Inn. New rooms and beds never used before. That does not happen very often.  Not sure what our stop over will be tonight...but it will probably be in Pennsylvania.

Made the mistake of eating at Cracker Barrel.  We won't do that again on this trip. TOO rich. Our diets have changed so much and that was way rich.  I had two eggs and part of a pancake and that was too much. Poor Terry had chicken and dumplings.  PLUS veggies and many biscuits with gravy or honey.  

Dinner was in the car and it was cheese, ritz crackers and fresh organic plums.  Oh and one potty Stop where he picked up a mocha coffee.

The truckers are dangerous....did take pictures of one that was ALL over the hwy.  Tell me again why we didn't fly? God was so good last night to ease my racing mind and allow me a good 8 hours of sleep. I am hoping Terry is feeling awake for the drive today. We did close to 640 miles.

It was too late last night to upload some photos of the trip. Am testing out the new camera a high speeds you might say.

God bless you in this day.  


“We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.”- Colossians 1:28


SusanD said...

Oh, I love to travel. But you're right, there are some crazy drivers out there. Praying for your safe trip. Blessings, SusanD

L.W.Roth, said...

I looked at your work yesterday and was so happy to have found a painter with a contemporary style. I was beginning to think my contemporary approach was out of whack. Your painting yesterday was beautiful as is todays. So glad to meet you. You're quite an inspiration.

Julia Kulish said...

This is great! So much energy to it!

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