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01 September 2010

On the Hill Abstract Contemporary Art Heavy Palette Knife and other Tools Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'On the Hill'
24 x 24  Acrylic on Canvas
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I read somewhere in the past few days that making the right decision is not always the easy decision and often not the decision we want to make. I don't think I have written about this, but I have meditated over it for several weeks. I think it was in a fictional book by Lauraine Snelling. "Ellie" I have most of her books and am rereading this summer the entire series.

Silly example of 'curbing' ones need to do what one wants to do instead of what one should do, was last night.  The surveyor was here helping us find our missing stake to mark the southwest boundary of our land.  I was really wanting to walk along and watch as they found the markers and ran the line.  I have this huge desire to learn about new things... OR is it I just want to be there to be there?  I was in the midst of the large painting which is the piece above as it goes through color changes in the next five layers of paint.  I fought off laying down my tools and pulling on my boots to go tromp with the boys, and I finished the layering I was doing.  I ran out into the kitchen peering out the window craning my neck to spot them and I couldn't.  The urge hit again to pull on my boots, but I glanced at the clock and knew I needed to start dinner as it was 6:15.  That was the right decision so we would not eat so late.  

Terry was back inside by 6:30 and told me we would go look it over after we ate and he would explain everything he learned.  (Beef Sirloin  Fajitas YUM  My first night for carbs and I had one corn tortilla.)  We enjoyed dinner together and as he cleaned up the kitchen I added a quick spot of more color to the big painting and then pulled on my boots.  As we crossed the property Terry shared about the different markers that were laid out.  When we arrived across the pond, to my surprise we have an awesome front view of the lake from  a piece of our property on the southwest side.  We stayed outside watching the sunset before walking back in the dark with the stars popping out in the inky blue sky.  

This was a tiny example I am sure, but one I could easily explain.  My 'I wants' were not what was best for our family.  It was the right decision for me to stay inside and cook; we had a delicious hot dinner and a nice walk afterward. Had I gone out earlier to be in the center of the men working, it would have delayed them with all my questions, dinner would have been an hour or more later and not near as nice. Having my way was not the right way.

Life brings us more serious things to deal with than simplistic examples like above. We pray for wisdom and it is obvious we know what needs to be but we are either afraid of it, or it is not easy for us emotionally, or it is simply not what we care to do.   I know I wrote once earlier this year about the inner voice in all of us.  When it is time for a decision that inner voice will tell you what you need.   That is God speaking.  I moan because it is usually not what I want or think is needed.  As I have gained in age, I have grown in wisdom to appreciate this inner guiding voice.  It takes a lot of worry out of many things if you listen.  God is walking with you always, even if you choose to do it your way.  He will not desert you, He will stand with you and try to guide you back to the right path. The more obstinate you are, the longer and more painful the situation will be.  Why prolong things? 

“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care. Today, if you hear his voice,”- Psalm 95:6-7

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Julia Kulish said...

I just stumbled upon you blog -so glad that I did! Your work is beautiful and I so appreciate your perpsective! Look forward to seeing more.

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