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27 September 2010

Howl Wolf Oil Painting by Contemporary Texas Artist Laurie Justus Pace

9 x 12  Oil on Canvas
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We are home... I am ever so thankful to God for protecting us in all our travels this past month. I thought I had forgotten my own street address when yesterday I started writing down our old Dallas address.  Pretty goofy.

The reunion was wonderful and the pictures ...altho not plentiful, are good.  We decided it may be our last one to attend and we will just have a gathering of our dearest friends.   We paid $$$ for tickets and neither Terry or I ate anything or drank anything but water.  AND we found out at the last moment that it was cocktail attire which I did not have with me... and we spent money on a dress... live and learn what you can do with out.

This is Vicki Fletcher, me and Debbie Grayson Lincoln.  You might recognize Debbie from the Artists of Texas.... we went to high school together.  Below is Terry and I with our oldest friend from Elementary school, Dr. Paul Stephen Worrell... also aka Dr Steve our physician.

This was  a quick group shot of Terry and I, Paul and Vicki and Terry's best friend, Mike Davis and his cousin, Debbie Pace Marsden.

This morning I have been reciting the Serenity Prayer over and over as I began to put back together our shattered household.

God Grant me the 
to accept the 
things I cannot change, 
to change the things I can
and the 
to know the difference.

If we could all keep those words close at heart, we would heal quickly and function at a higher capacity.  Can you do that today? Pray the prayer with me.


“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”- Matthew 6:33

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