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22 September 2010

Green Watercolor Horse by Texas Contemporary Artist Laurie Pace

'Green Watercolor Horse'
4 x 6   Watercolor on Paper.


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We are home. We slept on our own bed last night.  There are mountains of wash and lots and lots of boxes to unpack.  We worked over at Ben's until late afternoon and then drove home through Dallas nightmare 5 pm traffic.   God brought us home safely and Paddy was SOOO excited to see us.
Today is time to get back into some semblance of work order. I have not painted or drawn really in about three weeks and I am ready to roll into work for the gallery show coming up in November at the Dutch Art Gallery. I also will be doing some new pieces for Fine Art America.
I again appreciate all the wonderful emails that have kept Terry and I going over the last week.  It was a week ago that we were in Roanoke VA waiting for our car repair to be complete.  This past week has been a blur with Ben's passing.  

The service at the Dallas Veterans Cemetery was so touching.  The young men that did the flag were so majestic with each movement of the folds in the flag.  Taps were played and we all began to cry.   Ben's flag was present to Terry. A cousin took pictures for us and I cannot wait to see them.  

At the end of the service we sang Amazing Grace and it was lovely with so many family members singing together to celebrate the passing of our dear Ben, father, brother, uncle, grandfather, best friend....  I just received one of the pictures. This flag means everything to my husband. He has studied the different wars and history is his passion. I think I mentioned that Ben served in the Navy in WWII and in the Air Force in the Korean Conflict.  We received very little from his personal belongings. We have a bible, but not the family bible...Howard, Terry's brother has not located it. That would be the bible Terry and his Dad would read together whenever we visited. Not sure how it slipped out the door so quickly that we did not find it. 

We brought back one of his mother's lamp bases and a sugar and creamer from their everyday pottery.  There are a few family pictures and two butterfly books.  Terry had some tools separated out, but they were no longer there when we returned today.  We brought home an ivy he was rooting and a bamboo plant.

Terry's memories of his dad will keep us going for our lifetime until we meet him again in heaven. Every whistle I hear in life, will make me smile and think of Ben.  When I see wood that has been whittled, I will smile and think of Ben.  When someone tells a story/joke, I will tear up that Ben is not there telling that story.  Ben and Terry shared their belief in God, their study in the bible, the love of history and both men possess integrity and honesty.  Both father and son will do and give for all those they love around them before even thinking about themselves.  Family is one of the most important parts of our life.  We have attended almost all of the Pace family reunions and try to stay in touch with the Portwood side of the family as well.  Terry is on the phone right now visiting with his Aunt Barbara and Uncle Charles... Charles was Ben's younger brother.  

Terry Pace receiving the flag at his Dad's burial service at the Dallas Veterans Cemetery.

"This flag is presented to you from the President of the United States on behalf of a grateful nation, as a token of our appreciation for the honorable and faithful service rendered by your father, Benjamin Pace."

Did you know each of the folds in the flag are distinct with meaning. You can read about it here.   If I remember I will write more about that tomorrow morning.

May the Lord Bless and Keep you this day.


“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”- 2 Corinthians 13:14


Kathryn Grider said...

I would love to have this little I up early enough to be the first to respond?
Sorry for your recent loss of a loved one. Kathryn Grider

L.W.Roth, said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, but Ben will live in your hearts forever.
The men and women of WWII were so admirable. Their dedication to and love of country seems to be missing among so many Americans today. I find that so sad.

christine said...

I really enjoy your paintings since I discovered it.

This horse is really nice.

Have a nice day ...from Crikette/Paris/France

Kristin said...

I absolutely love this's stunning.

My heart goes out to your family and your recent loss.

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