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04 August 2010

Progressive Painting Four Abreast SOLD Equine Art Contemporary Horse Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Progress on Four Abreast
30 x 40  Oil on Canvas

SOLD ALREADY! Thank you.
Contact me to purchase by check or paypal. Laurie
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I was so ready to be out of the office last night at eight. I had been in the office since 6:30 yesterday morning... but the effort brought about the birth of a new website, actually two...but one is not done yet. This was something that actually took about 48 hours almost in a row.

The first one was to revamp the site 
This is a site owned by Kimberly Conrad out of Colorado.  She, Diane Whitehead, Judy Mackey, Mary Jo Zorad, Pam Van Londen, Amy Tuso and I have all been laboring over putting together state daily painting blogs.  The result was to combine into a site Kim started last year and go full tilt. It will take weeks and months to get everything fully up and running, but there is much to see.  To find all the state artists, you will have to navigate to ARTISTS BY LOCATION and then to UNITED STATES and then to the different states.  The only other way is the first page where there is  a list of artists but NOT updated fully. That is on the agenda list.  Seems like only God can do those things in a day. 
The slide shows, those were God's.  I do not know how but I do know it took literally hours to follow the hand written directions I had from Susan Moss Cooper of Artists of Texas.  She took a course in FLASH and told me every step last year. I had put slides shows up on my site and the AOT site, but this was an undertaking of FIVE SHOWS on one page all changing at different rates.  Only God can do that, not mortal artist.  PLUS I had just loaded CS5 on my MAC and I only had instructions for CS3. I had to use the older program. 

So now maybe the site will take less work by the week and I can start painting again. I have two commissions I will be starting this week and will be sure to take shots along the way.

The other site I labored on only has a holder page up...but Hall Groat II was so sweet to allow us to use one of his Paintings on the site. If you love the painting, click it and buy it.  Our daughter is going to follow her dream and make your dreams come true!  I believe she will ship across the country once she is up and running so stay tuned.

Hall has it for sale. 

Post note:  I reflected on the verse below as we are all guilty of saying things at one time or the other and regretting them.  Sometimes I regret the wording but not the frustration, but definitely the choice of words and loss of calm.  When one takes the time to ask for forgiveness and then is rebuked back, you need to forgive again even when the person cannot forgive you.  My mom reminded me that only you stand before God and He knows what is in your heart over every situation that occurs.  Judgment is His alone, not anyone else's.

Rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.--Proverbs 12:18

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