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09 July 2010

Texas Herd Contemporary Equine Art Horse Oil Painting by Texas Aritst Laurie Pace

'Texas Herd'
30 x 40  Mixed Medium (Oil/Acrylic) on Canvas

This is at one of my representing Galleries and it is reduced to sell this summer. The two other pieces from this series have already sold.  They were smaller than this one.  This composition has deep reds and other very strong colors in it.  Just email me for pricing if you are interested. The piece will ship from Denver to you.

Contact me to purchase by check or paypal. Laurie
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On Golden Pond   aka  Life at the Lake

  Last night was Thursday night and that is Mexican food night at the local Mexican Restaurant.  They always have a special on Thursday nights for enchiladas.  I don't eat enchiladas, but I love their puffy tacos.  Terry usually tries different platter combos and as always lots of sweet tea.

We decided mid afternoon yesterday to make a dump cake to take with usVicky's birthday is today and Terry's is on Monday.  Johnny that eats with us also has a birthday on it was a good time for a 'party' at the restaurant.  If Mother had been here, we would have another person celebrating.  The owners brought Vicky a huge pink sombrero to wear and Terry wore a black one with lots of silver decorations.  The serving staff sang happy birthday along with the rest of the restaurant and along with the cherry dump cake they added to the mix sopapillas with strawberries and chocolate drizzle.  There were many other couples and families there from church and they all shared in the special celebration.

Dump Cake Recipe:

1 large can of chopped pineapple in juice.
1 large can of cherry pie filling (You can use other flavors of course)
1 Yellow Cake Mix
2 sticks of butter.

The oven is at 350 heating up while the 'dumping' takes place.  You open the pineapples and spread them with the juice all evenly over the 9 x 13 inch glass pan.  Then using a spoon you drop spoonfuls of the cherry pie filling evenly over the pineapple.  After than you spread the cake mix across the top; last comes the butter. I sliced each stick into 12 slices and so you have a total of 24 slices of butter in rows on top of the cake mix.  Throw this 'dump' into the oven for 1 hour.  YUM... it is good hot or cold and with ice cream if you like vanilla.  We had it plain.

We went back over to the Fletchers after gorging on food and fun... and sat back to enjoy the evening. The cows were wandering around in the pasture behind the house and there was a neat lightening show to the west (Dallas area).  Vicky and I were perusing the internet as I was sharing with her the Double HP Horse Rescue in South Dakota.   I have supported this rescue for seven years now and they are putting out their 2011 calendar pretty soon.  Donations are accepted at this site as well.  This is their blog site... New Hope Horse Shelter Blog.  And this link is for the UNBRIDLED Calendar Donations and information.  (This is R rated and not calendars for youth.)  This is the third year of its publication and it is done in good taste.  It is an "artsy" calendar. 

Then we got off talking about guns.  I can shoot our 'six shooter' but basically know nothing about guns past that.  Vicky has promised to teach me and I will find a small gun to keep here at the house for emergencies (ie snakes and other critters.)  Poor Paddy dog will NOT go out to the back yard alone any more.   He has become a camel dog.  He literally will not step out into the grass.  Paul thinks it is because of a snake encounter.  Be prepared and do not go barefoot in the backyard by the pond.  

Well, Terry and I did not get to our peach jam making yesterday, so maybe today.  A run to town is needed for additional sugar. We have several recipes and one is very easy and one is very complicated.  Still hoping someone sends me one they have successfully tried and enjoyed. Vicky and Paul plan to eat their peaches as they are...she said they would not last long enough to make jam!

One more mention of a highlight... my dearest friend and fellow artist, Debbie Lincoln is going to be a grandma!!!    Debbie and I went to Lake Highlands High School together.  Later in life we have grown very close through our painting and our friendships and are both members of The Five Graces.  Here is a link to her blog... she always has tales of her chickens, bees, koi pond and horses AND fabulous paintings along the way.

There is so much to be thankful for in our livesMay this day be one of reflection and celebration of living today and what you do have; do not worry about the things you don't have or what is coming tomorrow.  Remember today is the live performance.


“I will bow down toward your holy temple and will praise your name for your love and your faithfulness, for you have exalted above all things your name and your word.”- Psalm 138:2

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Grammie Jan said...

Laurie, my mom only used sugar to make her jams and I do as well, that is when I do it. As to how much, well that is something I cannot tell you as I just eyeball it and then cook away, testing and cooling the test until the cooled test dob is the consistency that I want it.
Have fun jammin'
Love you sis

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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