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19 July 2010

Seven Paint Ponies Equine Art Horse Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Seven Paint Ponies'
24 x 36  Oil on Canvas

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We are a disposable society... did you ever stop and think about that?  When the world was a little "smaller" with out the internet, fast travel, airplanes etc, our ancestors treasured, saved and reused everything.  All things were recycled and used in other ways all the time.  The phrase was "waste not want not".  And they did not waste anything.  

Think about what you have discarded or thrown away recently?  Paper towels, kleenex, paper plates, plastic forks, paper baby diapers....etc  Things we dispose of on a regular basis every day.  
Some of you have no memory or knowledge of using just cloth towels in the kitchen and washing them every day...or carrying a handkerchief. Do you even know what a handkerchief is?  When did you use one last?  Or what about napkins?  We use them 99 percent of the time at our house, not paper towels or paper napkins but the real thing. 

Moms were always in the kitchen most of the day, cooking, washing dishes and cooking and washing some more.  The baby wore cloth diapers.  (Mine actually did all the time.) 

Life grows more disposable by the year with disposable cameras, disposable bibs for the baby, disposable water bottles... our trash grows exponentially. Our lives are growing more wasteful by the day. 

A long time ago when lives were centered around the community and the church, you did not have friends for a season in your life.  The people around you were your family and your extended family. You learned to accept and love people as they were.  That falls back on unconditional acceptance and love, taught to us by Jesus and constantly reflected to us from God the Father.
My daughter recommends you need to watch the movie WALL-E.  It will convict you on our consumer driven lives.  It is a Disney flick.. We will be watching this week.


I will praise you with an upright heart as I learn your righteous laws.”- Psalm 119:7
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