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19 June 2010

The Beginnings THE PROMISE Equine Art Horse Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'The Promise'
34 x 48 inches  Oil on Canvas

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The Painting:  You can see in my hand a small sheet of paper.   It contains the page torn out of my sketch book with a presketch on it always done before I begin a painting. This is my new studio area with lots of windows and light.  Not a bedroom, but a true painting area, just not as big as I had in Dallas.

The Thought: Most of yesterday was painting!  And recovering from doing all the grass.  Terry and I have been watching at night "East of Eden" (1971 version).  We have only seen the first of the mini series but I am hooked so far.  It is based on Cain and Abel from the bible.   I thought when we started watching it, it was an all in one movie and I would see the whole thing... it was when it ended abruptly Terry told me it was a mini-series.   

I do not want to spill the movie to you, but if you have not seen it, rent it.  After we watch it, later this summer I want to see the early version from the fifties.

Cain and Abel are a can of worms in any family. All children have different personalities and an entire set of genetic make up different than anyone else in the world.  Terry says his mother always told him he was a 'throwback' from an earlier generation that he took after a relative that lived long ago.  Me, I don't belong in my family.  They are all left thumbed people but me. 

Anyway back to the Cain/Abel syndrome, aka Killing Nesting Syndrome or When Siblings Collide.   It seems the first and oldest baby Eagle usually kills the younger bird if there are two in a nest. Thank goodness my older brother had no ill intent to rule the nest.  But I think anyone with children has the issue of "when Siblings Collide."  Through out the bible you see it with  Jacob and Isaac and then Joseph being sold by his siblings into bondage. Again it comes up with the prodigal son.  Makes being an only child pretty tempting...but we never have that choice.

Always in life you are confronted with conflict from others.  Friendships cause favoritism no difference than parents and grandparents cause it in a family. Navigating today's world with the internet and the constant bombardment of keeping in touch through email, Facebook, blogs etc just opens up more times to be hurt or face confrontation. 

When someone is destructive and you care about them, you try to speak truthfully out of love and concern to face the situation.  In the New Testament love is defined as seeking the best interest of the other person.  Learning to forgive and move on and forgetting at the same time you forgive.  Never burn the bridge down. Misunderstandings cause deep breaks in relationships, but always leave the door open with the light on inside.  Speak in truth and speak in love.  (I can't wait for disc two to arrive....)


Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”- Ephesians 6:4

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