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24 June 2010

Anastasia's Dream Equine Contemporary Art Abstract Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Anastasia's Dream'
20 x 20  Oil on Canvas

SOLD Commission 

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The Painting: She wanted a green horse. Green is her favorite color... Fun and frolic and freedom of just being alive and under ten.  Do you remember life back then?

Today I am trying a new approach... not sure if it will work or not Jim, but I am going to try it! 

Check out this link for one of my pieces featured in LiteracyHead. Playing for Papa.

The Thought:    Life at the Lake:  Yesterday Barbie and Kent (from SLC) met us and the Fletchers for lunch on the square in Mount Vernon at OUR PLACE, a wonderfully refreshing restaurant with delicious food and great atmosphere. We spent the afternoon reminiscing and making plans to attend our class reunion in September.  AND it rained yesterday! Praise the Lord! We need the rain. 

Terry did encounter our first water moccasin out by the swing.  He said he almost had a heart attack...but he thinks the snake was a freaked as he was.  Had it been me I would be packing my bags.  Of course the rain yesterday washed away all the sulfur he put out to deter them from coming into our yard.

In my years of teaching art, music and full time teaching in public schools... combining over 29 years, I found the spirit to engaging children or students (including adults) was to empower them to release their inner creativity with out fear of reprisal or negativity from others about their self expression.

I was reflecting back to younger years when in college I used to go with a friend to the stables to brush and care for the horses.  Of course we didn't have horses at college, but we were able to care for these and ride when we could, which unfortunately was not often due to the demands of college courses. 

Late in life this friend and I both became elementary teachers and crossed paths again in Cypress Texas back in 1990, but  first we both had other careers to season us for life.  She left college and left for the east coast. We were both full time professional models and then she became a flight attendant and I became a commercial artist.  We both were married and had kids...but in the midst of this all, she started the SIRE program back in the seventies.  I would have never have dreamed she would create and put her life into something that positively changes so many lives, and the program continues on today.

 Handicap children develop confidence and self esteem and feel totally free from their limitations as they learn to ride a horse. 
 The same is true with a child creating in art.  The fears and insecurities of life fall away if the child is allowed to simply create and express without restraints or expectations to produce an expected result.

Don't allow other people to steal your joyWhy do we limit ourselves so much? God has empowered you to be you and to enjoy life. Choose to live today to it's fullest.  Paint your picture and live your life with freedom and joy and celebrate this moment as it is a treasure given by God. 

Thanks for the note JG on yesterday's blog. All of this is centered around the Beth Moore book I am almost finished with.  I recommend this book for reading... she is quite the writer and her heart is full of His Spirit in her thoughts. I can send you a copy if you would like.   I guess I should have written more on the last book I read on EAT LOVE PRAY... I think that is what it was called. Julie Roberts has the lead in the movie version.   My intention is to keep those that know us caught up on our life in a quick few notes and then write about what I am studying or reading at the time. 

I give thanks to God daily for the experiences so far in life, the negative and the positive.   We always learn more from those negative ones and sometimes we have to experience them more than once before we learn the lesson.  JG keep your eyes, heart and arms open... He is there with you, you are never alone.  I grew tired of things in my life that seem to hurt, and I picked up this book and from it I have realized the need to redirect my thoughts to a higher power and accept who I am and where I am at this time, realizing I have the choice to dance or not to dance.  I was the one beating myself up, no one else was doing it.

I am going to dance with Him... and paint and give thanks to Him as He provides the song in my heart and guides the brush in my hand.


"Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear." Ephesians 4:29

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Laura Frantz said...

Wonderful, rich post, Laurie. Sounds like you are having a great summer full of the things you love (except those snakes!). The Scripture you quoted is one of my favorites. It is one I remind my boys of often (probably because I need the reminder myself). Bless you as you paint for Him!

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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