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07 May 2010

'The Race' Equine Horse Art Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'The Race'
20 x 30  Oil on Canvas

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The Painting: This was a unique palette for me and a different approach to the canvas. Took several days of drying layers to get there but I arrived.

The Thought:   The Influence of a Mother.    That could be several novels, books, sets of encyclopedias (Do some of you know what those even are?)

When Eve was 'blessed' with the "curse" of childbirth, she in turn became the "deliverer", bring forth children.   Eve knew of Satan from her experience in the Garden of Eden and she was aware of spiritual warfare.  It would fall to Eve to bring her children up in God's great love and teach them to be alert as Satan would continue to find a way into their lives.

Look what happened with Jochebed, Moses' mother.  She rejoiced with the birth of a son, only to know she would lose him.  She hid him for three months avoiding the ruling of the Pharoah to kill all male babies. Jochebed  knew nothing was amiss with her tiny son and through her faith was able to overrule circumstances.  Her faith in Him was greater than her fear of man.   She was able to see her son live; her son received a fine education and she was able to be apart of his life as he grew.

In Proverbs children are advised to heed the instruction of their father  and the law of their mother.  God has entrusted mothers with the most precious gift in God's creation,  children.  The influence of a mother on a child lasts a lifetime and then some.  Faithful mothers heed the call with their heart open to God and teach their children of His ways. Mothers are the foundation to the future in every civilization and the influence of their teachings is passed through many generations.  I see this in our family.  My Grandmother to my mother, my mother to myself and my brothers, and from each of us onto our children.   Now Stacey is passing these teachings on to Tink. (Aka Tinkerbell aka our granddaughter aka her nickname on this blog.)

Let's greet this weekend in the true celebration of God's blessings to Eve and to every woman that touches the lives of children with the positive awareness of Him. 

"My Son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother."  Proverbs 1:8

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