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13 May 2010

'Call of the Wild Mustang' Abstract Equine Art Horse Daily Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Call of the Wild Mustang'
24 x 30  Oil on Canvas

AVAILABLE and in the new JUNE edition of Western ART Collector

Contact me to purchase. Laurie
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 Page 93  Western Art Collector June 2010 available on newsstands in about one week.

The Painting:  There are two in this series, and somehow the titles keep getting confused...but this is The Call of the Wild Mustang and it is here waiting for a new home.

The Thought:  Okay, so yesterday morning and yesterday day did not go as planned. Didn't check much off the TO DO LIST.  Did not finish anything I started... and I blame it on the dog.
I usually would blame it on TINK as she is so cute she is distracting, but she wasn't here.  I began early yesterday to unpack some more boxes.  Terry was outside loading the truck with a load for the county dump... and all of a sudden I hear him screech "PADDEEEEEEE". 

That would be HIS dog,  not HIS as in God, but HIS as in Terry's dog. Yeah I know GOD and DOG are close...really close and this dog almost got there all the way.  The front door handle fell off the front door and the dog made a wild dash to FREEDOM.  Terry said as the dog hurled itself downhill on the driveway, he looked back twice to see if Terry was following him.  He was in the truck in seconds and I was following out the door with the red leash in hand, just in time to see this huge deer scampering gracefully across the street with Paddy madly running after it.  

We only thought the dog was fast... after about a half mile through the woods he was spotted crossing another street still in pursuit of the fleeting deer, but further behind.  He tuckered, stopped and ran the other direction from me...of course.  I could hear Terry spinning out his tires changing directions in the truck. My mind was more ... return to house, get the gun and shoot the dog. I am a dog lover, but this dog tries my very existence and he is playing without a full deck of cards.    I continued climbing the hill staying on the street keeping the black blur in sight. One neighbor came out to help and even tried letting his barking dogs out to turn Paddy's attention back to our direction, but that failed.  

I had NO idea where Terry was anymore as I climbed this hill, tuckered and tired and wondering how in the heck I was going to catch this darting terrier gone crazy with freedom. I began to pray right then, acknowledging to God that I was total inept to do this alone and since TP was not here, He was now the main dog catcher.   I suddenly looked down and two feet in front of me on the road was a snake.  Did I mention I do not like snakes?  I definitely crossed the road quickly and triple stepped it up the hill... and actually got ahead of the black blur.  He was off scouting out the lake behind one of the houses.  As he spotted me he begin to zig zag. His little mind was debating how to get around me.  

 I remember the red leash in my hand and I began to use it like a whip/lasso.  My teeth were gritted and I bent over staring him down swinging the red leash... back and forth he wove and I suddenly felt like the goal tender in a hockey game waiting and watching for the puck.  The leash whipped around and the dog shot straight at me knocking me flat as I grabbed the scruff of his neck realizing if I did not hold on to him I would never have him again.  Half laying and struggling to keep him in tow, I clipped the leash on.  He happily walked home smiling all the way.

When we were in town today Terry bought more sulfur.  You put it out as a snake barrier around the house.  It really works.  Now to come up with something to keep the dog inside the yard.

I relate this to how we get so focused on something in our lives we run toward it without concern of what is happening around us.  That is how we miss out on things that God has ready for us.  Slow down; if it is good today, it will be good tomorrow.


A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:”- Proverbs 31:10, 27-28 (Especially after she catches his dog.)

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Miriam said...

I always enjoy your stories Laurie!! So vivid and detailed. Did I ever tell you about the time in Austin when I walked down my porch steps right past a rattlesnake? My friend behind me stopped and exclaimed "oh that hose on your steps scared me, I thought it was a snake!" Had to be rescued from the patio with a ladder, LOL.

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