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20 May 2010

'Bowl of Flowers' Floral Flower Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Bowl of Flowers'
5 x 7 inches  Acrylic on Canvas
SOLD from the Blog...Thank you.

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The Painting:  I have enjoyed picking flowers and putting them in vases and bowls and then painting them.

The Thought:  Love overcomes fear.  It is part of being human that leaves us vulnerable to fear.  Our bodies are created to be on alert and ready to react to survive.  This is a built-in instinct in the human and in animals.    

It is the fear feeling that triggers your heart to beat faster and your blood to surge through your body.  Some of us fear all of the time, and some of us fear rarely.  Different personalities handle survival differently and in accordance to how we view ourselves individually. More timid people will tend to have a quicker response to fear and flight.  More aggressive personalities will reason things out longer and retain calm longer before giving into fear. 

Love is what overcomes fear.  Where there is love, there is not fear.  Where there is fear, there is no love.  A fearful anxious person will not love their real self; they will have a problem with solid relationships with others because of this. There are powerful meds out there that folks use to block out fear and anxiety, but the truth lies with in each of us to find that place of real self that God created us to be.  We seem to not take care of our real self...or most of us do not.  We see ourselves as limited or different from others and consciously separate ourselves from them  We live in fear with this of disappointing people... or disappointing ourselves.  We constantly set ourselves up for failure because we believe ourselves unworthy of love... but God's love is there and it is constant.  

God's love for us is what can heal us.   He will reconnect us inside to our real self as we begin to recognize and accept the value of our lives and our 'love-ability' to be loved by others.  I pray you find healing today for what ever is hurting inside of you that keeps you from loving yourself and accepting yourself as you are this day.  Open your heart to God so His love can embrace you and heal your fears. With God there is no fear.  Love overcomes fear.  It cannot exist in the presence of love and acceptance.

I wrote this after going through a trying experience with a teenager.  It is sad when they have been so abused and and put down that they can no longer see the good in themselves and this fear and inadequacy leads them to making wrong decisions.  Punishment for this means little for change, but offering of love and acceptance provides a new foundation of trust.  Perhaps we need this with our Heavenly Father.  We do not need to 'punished' for what we do... but rather ask for forgiveness and open ourselves to receive His grace and His love.



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