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13 April 2010

'Spring Color Reflections' Equine Abstract Painted Pony Pulls Horse painting by Texas Artist Laurie Justus Pace

'Spring Color Reflections'
15 x 30  Oil on Canvas

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The Painting: Seems like everything at the lake is brighter in color and the sky is bluer.  I think it is lack of ozone. This is the first pony pull done here... in oil on canvas. Contact me to purchase.

The Thought:  Yesterday we drove into Dallas for Doctor appts.  Of course we left in time to catch lunch at Soulman's in Royce City. Terry has talked about this restaurant for years.  I have to admit the chicken I ate was pretty good as was the mac and cheese.  

The doc was suppose to be a run in and run out.  Never.  We arrived at 1:15 and left at 5:15.   Dallas Time Dallas Doctors.  Time to switch to a country doc down the road.  By the time we left we had lists of things wrong with us and prescriptions out the wazoo.   We were just there two weeks ago and about two weeks before that. It amazes me how fast according to our doctor how fast we are deteriorating. Terry is a bit more "old" than I am.

We ran by the mall to get my jewelry cleaned at James Avery.  I learned this week NOT to wear my jewelry in the hot tub.  So many lessons from this. The first is letting go of habits I have had for 30 years.  I never take off my bracelets or the cross around my neck.  I have to if I get in the hot tub.

Next lesson learned was in the hot tub last night.  This is our first hot tub.  I already tye dyed my clothes... and my jewelry, so Terry decided after the teen was deeply asleep and it is totally darkness, black darkness, we can skinny deep in the hot tub.  Sneaking out in our white matching robes that my friend Charlene gave us, and our little slippers... we climbed in and totally melted in the bliss of jewelry no clothes.. just us in the hot tub.  And then I began to worry about the coyotes, the snakes, the ants, the lions, the tigers and the bears. I do not know if it was the late hour of the night, my exhaustion from the day or the thoughts of the lions and tigers and bears (Coyotes, snakes and ants) but after 20 min I was ready to get out.  

Fear of the unknown is something that grabs at all of us. Trying to stay in the now of the moment and enjoying the peace that is given is so much better than the Lions, the Tigers and the Bears.

My prayer for you my friends is the knowledge that you need not worry about the Lions, Tigers and Bears, as the Lord has given you His promise and His shield.  You faith and belief in Him is the simple answer.


“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”- Romans 3:23-24


Beth West said...

You are so right Laurie that we need to keep our eyes upon Him, who is our help in all times and circumstances.

It is absolutely amazing how quickly being tired can multiply the number and ferocity of the wild animals :) I hope you are feeling better today.

I appreciate the time you take to encourage your visitors!

SarahBowie said...

Anxiety does creep in (fearful vulnerability), even in the midst of hot tub bliss...thank you for inspiring us to deal with it in better ways.

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