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16 April 2010

'Red Horse' Equine Art Horse Abstract Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Red Horse'
 5 X 7  Acrylic on Canvas

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The Painting: I probably am double posting and I do not mean to.   Life is not back to a normal pace yet and I anticipate it will be about two more weeks to finish unpacking and get my studio up and usable again.

The Thought:  Early this morning I woke before Terry did and decided I would take a shower. There was quite a distance between my side of the bed, boxes in the room, and the bathroom door.  I am always on the side of the bed not by the bathroom door as he is up often during the night.  So I gingerly slid out of the covers and curled my toes around on the floor seeking my cushy slippers. (You never know what goes across the floor in the dark in a house you are unpacking.)  After what seemed to be an eternity, I found both slippers, pulled them on my feet and pushed off of the bed quietly without leaving a wake.  I began to move cautiously toward the end of the bed and realized the bedpost was not there. It was broken loose in the move and Terry had not repaired it yet. Over the years I have become accustomed to grabbing on the end bedpost and using it as a guide.  

NO bedpost put me in a hesitant panic. I remembered we had moved his grandmother's cedar chest at the end of the bed yesterday so I had to clear that in the dark with out my normal navigation tool of the bedpost.   As I reached out to my left, I began gently waving my hand reaching for his bedpost so I knew when to swing back to the left again to head to the bathroom door. (Yes it is that dark.)  My right hand instinctively reached for the edge of the dresser on my right side.  (Our dresser is so long it is at the door facing edge going into the bathroom. If one cut the corner one would be cutting one's side on the point top edge of the dang dresser.)  At last I found the opening to the bathroom and with a huge sigh, I gently closed the door and switched on the shower light. I could finally see.

My hands are my total guide in this new bedroom at night.  I feel like Jane in the jungle swinging her way through the trees with out Tarzan.  I did make the bathroom with out stubbing toes or gashing my body or even tripping over boxes.  Was it my instinctive navigation or was it His Grace?  

If you saw our bedroom in day light, you would know it was HIS GRACE. Can you allow Him into your life today to guide you through those unexpected twists and turns? He sees all, day or night... and He knows the path you should be taking. So when you feel disoriented allow yourself to rest in Him. He will bring that peace and reassurance for you to move forward again with ease and grace.

We never need to see the path before us, we simply need to take the first step to Him and He will lead us safely.


When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth.--John 16:13

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