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12 April 2010

'Race to the Lake' Equine Art Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Race to the Lake'
18 x 24  Acrylic on Canvas

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The Painting: Well, I painted. I started several new piece and was quite excited in the colors and the lighting as I did each piece.

The Thought:  What a whirl of a Sunday.  We were up early for early services with the Fletchers at the First United Methodist Church of Mt Vernon.  There was a good group there this morning.  The minister had on comfy clothes, nice slacks, blue shirt and a vest and was relaxed and energetic and very moved by the spirit. He instructed us that we were all going out during church to reach out to those NOT in church.  He wanted us to find the folks in the supermarket, or the ones at Walmart or Lowe's... the non goers and bring them back to a meal of fried chicken.   He proceeded to leave the church with two in his group, instructing us to form groups of 4-6 and hit the road and bring back who we could.  By helping them do what they were busy doing, we were to "free" them up to come back to the church with us.  We need to serve helping others.  We could not do that sitting in the church.

I was a bit speechless of course being totally new to the area and not knowing anything about the church, but felt like we could go with Fletchers and do something to find some folks. SURELY they knew non church goers to interest in a free chicken dinner. 

It was a ploy to get us all to think.  Think about how we need to be serving others.  To give of our selves to others in fixing up things for them or helping with things they need down around the house. The minister returned through the back door and said, "Nobody moved?  Wasn't anyone coming?"
He explained why he had done it to see if anyone would take up the cross and go serve others.  His message was really good, tied into Thomas that doubted Jesus had risen and then of the story that Thomas did not want to go to India to serve there.  He shared a story I had not heard in my 58 years.  

Jesus and Thomas had a conversation about Thomas going to India. Thomas told Jesus he would do ANYTHING to serve and go out, but he would not go to India.  The next day Jesus and Thomas were at the market. As they were walking around Jesus found a visiting person from India that was there looking for a carpenter to hire to build a temple for the King. Jesus had sent Thomas on a small errand so he spoke frankly to the man from India.  He told them he knew an excellent carpenter that could build such a temple.  The India man wanted to hire Thomas immediately.  As Thomas approached the India Man asked Thomas, "IS this your master?"  and Thomas replied "yes."  It was then Thomas found out that Jesus had sold him to the India man to return to India and build the King's castle.   When Thomas got there, he was given money to begin the temple... he gave it to the poor. This happened many times over the next year or two and every time Thomas was given money he gave it to the poor.. until the King asked to see his temple. When Thomas explained he gave the money to the poor because this desired temple would mean nothing in this lifetime...the King of India had him arrested and slated to be put to death.   Just days before the execution the King of India found Christ centered in his life and Thomas was released.

I had never heard this story before and will be reading up to find out more. Meanwhile, what can you do to serve today?  OR are you saying,  I believe and love you Jesus, just don't ask me to do this....


He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.”- 1 Peter 2:24

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