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25 April 2010

'In Awe' Equine Horse Art Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'In Awe'
20 x 30  Acrylic on Canvas
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   © Laurie Justus Pace     Graphics One Design 2010

The Painting:  Worked on this painting in the dark yesterday. Well it wasn't too dark in my painting area as it opens with six huge windows onto the backyard and the pond!  We had no electricity. It went out in the middle of the night Friday night when a huge storm came through around 2 am. Of course we were a bit unprepared for this storm and we do not have a back up generator.

The Thought:   Unprepared for the storm.  Life is good about changing constantly.  No matter how much we try to be prepared for the worst of things (way to often) we are never ready when the storms blow in for their intensity or their duration.  We are unable to prepare to handle the domino affect of strong winds, lightening, and massive amounts of rain.  Destruction, downed wires, fires from the lightening, collapsed homes, fences and downed trees from the 80-100 mph winds.  

When we went to bed on Friday night (Still with out the benefit of TV) we had no clue of the fierce storm that was approaching from the southwest of us.  We knew more rain was coming and we had experienced on and off storms all Friday. I woke up once early Saturday morning to the low rumble of thunder about 1:30 am and proceeded to fall back to sleep.  At three I was back awake hearing the BEEP BEEP BEEP of the power protectors in the study on the computers.  Terry made his way in the dark across the house to turn them off.

Saturday morning we headed into the local cafe in Mt Vernon. The sun was shining and everything was fresh and cool outside.  Our drive into town made us a bit more aware of the intensity of the storms that had pushed through.  We saw twisted signage on the road; branches, limbs and trees strewn along the 9 miles drive into town and wires draped over tree lines along the road.  

As we pulled into the cafe we were praying the wait would not be too long. The cars were doubled parked in the parking lot.  We found out as we shared our table with a single older man (Yes it was that crowded) that the power was off in four adjoining counties.  The town of Winnsboro was totally blocked off from traffic as the entire town had lost power.  Everyone had flocked into Mt Vernon for breakfast.   It was enjoyable hearing this disabled vet (about 10 years older than we are) share his personal stories of his time in the service and all the places he was stationed. 

The power stayed off until very late on Saturday night. We carted our freezer stuff over to Sheriff Paul's house and stopped off at the same cafe for dinner and dessert. (Our rule on eating out is, if we are out due to what Terry calls "a train wreck" we eat whatever we want... the stress meal.) Back at home we sat outside on the swing and I played the guitar and we watched the sunset on the lake... as we climbed back into bed weary from the day, the lights began to play ON and OFF with the power.  

It is still not 100 percent this morning as it is ON and OFF every few moments...but I have the computer on a 30 min back up power and it has been on long enough I can blog and attempt to post via the modem while power is on.

This is a long blog, but the main point is we cannot predict the storms in life.  NEVER. We can live this day and moment to the fullest but we cannot know at all what lies in the moments ahead.  We seem to run in circles taking so much for granted and wasting time trying to prepare and control the "tomorrows" in our lives...and it never goes as we plan it.  

Right now I have prayers going out for two dear families.  First, the family of my dear friend that was shot and killed two months ago.  Her mother suffered cardiac arrest two evenings ago. She is in intensive care and there is no word today.   Another friend, a dear sister of my heart,  has a brother-in-law in intensive care, surrounded by specialists for several days and not doing well as they cannot diagnose what the severe attack is in his body, brain and heart.  These storms were both unexpected.  Pray with me to support both of these families and know that I will pray for you and yours this day.

Well my power is back off again so I am not sure when this blog will post.


"But truly God has listened: he has given heed to the words of my prayer."  Psalm 66:19

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Susan Roux said...

My heart and prayers go out to your friends and families per your request. Be strong my friend...

Love your horse.

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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